Thursday, January 14, 2010

What are you up to on this fine day?

I will guess you are just dying to know what I am up too, right? I am so funny. I am eating, savouring and well not to put too fine of a point on it, pigging out totally on the long sought after, previously mentioned biscuits. I FOUND them! Oh the excitement is palatable here. Shortly after I touched on this subject, right here on my little blog I discovered them at my grocery store under a new name. They are now a President's Choice product and are still the same biscuit I have bragged about so many times. After spotting them I had to tell my husband to turn around while I scooped the lot off the shelf. They are now safely hidden in the sideboard in the dining room. Ahhh, relief.

The curtains have been made by my lovely and talented seamstress. I could not get a better shot as the sun is quite hidden in this spot of the house. But they are lurvely. Trust me. I will try and get a better picture so that you can truly appreciate the Sanderson beauty.

Sock knitting at its finest. Slow but beautiful. I knit a pair of these about 3 or 4 years ago in a mauve colourway. They wear like iron. Four winters of wear and not a hole. If you like sock knitting I cannot emphasize more the durability of this yarn. The camera did not pick up the gorgeous colour. It is a pink and pinky red with a moss green.

And finally, washing the green linen curtains that are usually hanging here. I won't get into too much detail but the dog basket sits right beside the curtains on the right and they were quite, um, dirty in that area...however last time I washed them the linen shrunk a wee bit and of course the lining didn't and well I guess that's another job to put on the list.
I am going to assume that everyone had just the jolliest of holidays. We had several days of doing absolutely nothing. Snuggled down in comfy flannel jimjams watching movies and consuming loads (not exaggerating here in the slightest) of chocolate. Did I mention I found these?
Life is good.
PS You know I could have entitled this "Chocolate Biscuits" but I didn't. That would have been the THIRD time ;)


bellaboo said...

Soooo pleased you found those biscuits.I would have swiped the lot too!Lovely Sanderson curtains.You have so many things I like too... I love coming to your blog.


Vee said...

Wonderful to know that you'll not be fading away to a shadow pining for your favorite biscuit. I wish that I could join you for one to see what you're saying.

The curtains are lovely and the window shot is very pleasing to the eye. I know what you mean about the other curtains...sorry to hear about the trouble in laundering my cats do love to drag themselves over my curtains along the windowsill. I have to be ever-vigilant.

Sounds as if you've had the most perfect of holidays...jammies, movies, eating. Oh, too bad it had to end.

Frances said...

Well, this post shows that you are finding a very easy, elegant way to enter the new year. Well Done! Perhaps not making any resolutions might allow that path to stretch on and on without ripples.

The knitting is lovely. What yarn is that?

Best wishes.

koralee said...

Yahoooo...I knew they had them there. I have had them before. Enjoy.

Sal said...

Love your curtains! Your room looks great!
I'm trying very hard to keep off the chocolate biscuits as I always get a headache when I have eaten chocolate...but those are very tempting!
Have a great weekend!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Happy new year.
Yum to the biscuit just what I need right now.
I love the look of those socks. I knitted some fair isle socks over Christmas and really enjoyed how relaxing it was.

A Country Girl said...

I love those socks - am hoping to try sock knitting this year as I had a great book for Christmas.
There are some wonderful sock yarns about, aren't there.

made with love said...

Those socks look great. Glad you found the biscuits.
Rachael XX

MelMel said...

Lovely curtains....gosh your home os B.E.Utiful!

Have a wonderful weekend!xx

Elyse said...

gosh, what a lovely home you have! love all the cath touches.


summerfete said...

Hi knitty.
Thanks for your lovely comment.
The cushion was made by my fair hand, the fabric by a certain C Kidston. It's not available any more, try eBay maybe?


Beach Vintage said...

Lucky for you. I guess it was meant to be you found them. I love that green/blue sofa (hard to see with the light). It's just beautiful. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

skippinginthemeadow said...

Congratulations on finding the biscuits :o)
You have a very pretty blog here x have enjoyed glancing through your lovely photographs and will be back for a proper read very soon.
Thankyou so much for your lovely kind comment on my blog xx

Have a Great week


Jerusalem said...

i love those curtains there!
we have had the same curtains in the living room for almost 7 years. I think it is time for a change don't you??? yours are an inspiration!!