Monday, November 22, 2010

Eiderdown Love

I am totally aware of the fact that this is a terrible picture, but the battery ran out of the camera and I had to use my blackberry. This is an eiderdown I found last week for a very good price. We know how eiderdown crazy I am right? Well this one is stunning. It is a pale green/blue with pinks, egg blue, greens just too beautiful for words. Did I mention it was like brand new? Right now it is in DN2 bedroom, the colours are quite lovely with her Cath Kidston colours and the touches of the Laura Ashley that are spread around the room. She will be home for Christmas around the 15th. The poor thing has been sick for over two weeks now and it is getting her so down. It is hard enough having away but when she is ill I JUST WANT HER HOME. I want to make her tea and honey and chicken soup and dippy eggs with toast soldiers.

Again trying to bring in all the flowers from the garden that are too healthy and beautiful to leave to the elements. Where these are going to go when the Christmas decorations come out I have no idea.

Okay, I know these pictures aren't the greatest either but it's the best I could do.

Do you bring in your geraniums in the fall? I have some that are 3 or 4 years old now. Where do you keep them?

And a gratuitous pug picture.
I did go and buy the coat I wanted. It is perfect for this damp and rainy weather. And oh so easy to dress up. You know they ship worldwide don't you?
Have a superb week my lovelies!!!


Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

I am glad your got your coat. They predict snow and very cold weather at the end of the week in Holland. Perhaps it will blow over to the UK!

Your new eierdown looks very sweet. I think your daughter will be happy when she sees it. I hope she will be feeling bettter soon.

Lieve groet,


marian said...

What a beautiful and cosy home you have!
I bet you want your daughter home now, hope she gets better soon!
I have no geraniums but even if I did, I have no place to keep them over winter. A pity because there are a lot of plants I like that have to be kept inside over winter which is a problem, so I don't buy them.


Lovely home. I understand about your children being sick when they are not home. I want to do the same as you with my daughter. I have brought in my geraniums in also, so far I just put them in the green house and if they make it there you go, I have so many plants that I just tell them if they survive that is a extra bonous for me. Have a nice Holiday. HUGS MARY

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Beautiful eiderdown. And I love the old bed frame.

bellaboo said...

Your eidy is gorgeous!I so LOVE them.I was outbid on a really,really lovely one on ebay a while back,I was so mad! I have put my geranium pots in a sheltered spot in the garden and hope they survive the Winter.I'm sure your daughte would love to be home and have you look after her.Hope she gets better soon..roll on the 15th eh? :0)

koralee said...

What a cozy home...I sooooo understand how hard it is to have a sick daughter that is away from home...mine has been sick twice this fall aready.
I think it is the cold damp UK weather....I made her buy a hotwater bottle the other day. She says she just freezes at night

Molly will not be home for Christmas which makes us all sooooo sad...first time ever!

Hugs to you sweet one....sending you oodles of love....xoxoxo

Firefly said...

Your home looks so warm and cosy. It must feel so welcoming and cheery during those long dark Toronto winters.
And that eiderdown is gorgeous -- lucky you! I'm constantly stalking Ebay trying to find one ;).

Serenata said...

Oh that eiderdown is lovely, and it looks perfect on the bed.

delia hornbook said...

You have such a beautiful home the colours, furniture and fabrics make it such a lovely cosy home. sorry to hear your daughter is still poorly, it wont be long and she will be home with you time is moving so fast. Enjoy your week. Dee x

Jules said...

Eiderdown envy - it's truly lovely! Sick babies = very sad mummies but just think how much she is going to love being home and snuggled under the duvet - and dippy eggs with toast shoulders (as I always called them) - perfect recuperation food.

Oh, the geraniums, I cut mine right back and put them in the garage over winter to take their chances (North Yorks not being very geranium-friendly) x

A Treasured Past said...

Oohh, I love eiderdowns too! This one is gorgeous. They are very hard to find in Australia, especially the feather filled ones. Hope your daughter is better soon, Tamara

Kit said...

Actually I liked your photos. Very cozy and warm looking. The eiderdown is lovely! Kit

Elyse said...

everything, EVERYTHING looks so warm, cozy and inviting! love the eiderdown.

hope your daughter is feeling well soon.


Jenny at Red House said...

Hi love your eiderdown it looks really special, a cosy bed goes a long way to make you feel better! jennyx

MelMel said...

Your home is so beautiful...xx

A Vintage Mood said...

I hope your little girl is well. The eiderdown should go a long way towards feeling better.

Thank you for your lovely comments!