Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trip to Bloomsbury

Have you been?

But you simply must!

You will love it!

If you cannot get there physically, then you must do what I did and get the book!
PS did you know we were lucky enough to receive 12 cm of snow yesterday? I thought not.


Vee said...

It's spitting snow here today, too. I feel your pain. I'm not certain...heck, I am so certain, that I could not enjoy the art above the fireplace. Otherwise, I'd be delighted to take a trip to Bloomsbury.

Country Style Living said...

I have visited Charleston, some years ago, and hope to visit again, sometime. Maybe this year? Your lovely photo's have just made me hope it will be! Not only is the house lovely, but the whole area in and around Firle....

summerfete said...

Ooh I want to big time!

Joanne said...

The book looks wonderful!
Yes, in southern Ontario we got hit hard, didn't we?
The sun is shining and it will melt soon!
Nice to see your post in my google reader!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Wow beautiful!

ahomespunyear said...

Would love to go to Charleston...seen it on TV several times and it looks fascinating.

Frances said...

Gosh, we had sleet, hail, thunder, lightning, rain and then overnight snow dusting here in New York. Winter's last gesture, I do hope.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Charleston, and have lots of books about that magical place. I loved taking a funny little local bus from Lewes that left me off at the end of a very long lane leading past lots of farmland, and eventually letting me see Charleston in front of me.

Wow. I got there at a time that regular tours were not happening, but with my enthusiasm won the job of having my own private tour of that house.

I would love to go back some day, and urge others to make the effort.

koralee said...

Oh how I would love to go...your photos are lovely. My sweet Molly is now in Paris after spending 5 days in London...she bought me a new Cath kidston purse...yahooo.

happy friday my friend. xox

elsy said...

its on my list for this year!

Madelief said...

This is one of the places I would still love to visit. I have been in the neighbourhood several times, but we did not manage to see it. They say not only the house, but the garden is lovely as well!

Happy day & lieve groet, Madelief

Bobo Bun said...

It's one of the most inspiring and magical places to be. The house seems to have absorbed all of the fascinating people who lived and met there and you feel as if they've just stepped out of the room. We used to live near enough by in Brighton so miss the whole area badly. One day we'll go back. Enjoy your book.

Magento Themes said...

wow..These are looking nice.I really eager to go to Charleston.. I wanna be go to there. I like your lovely pictures. Those designs and the decorations are great.
Thanks for this great post.

Mary - Vintage Cottage said...

How lucky am I? I live just a few miles from Charleston!

MelMel said...

Always wanted to go there....thank you for this post!xxx

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