Friday, May 20, 2011

Climbing Roses and Life

Hello my Lovelies! I know it has been so very long. But I have many good reasons for my absence. Dn2, the hockey player, had bunion surgery 2.5 weeks ago and all I have done for those weeks is the Florence Nightingale thing. 24/7. Both feet were done so it was basically impossible for her do anything for herself. It has been a difficult road for her. A girl that is as active and as fit as her to sit/sleep in the same position for such a long drawn out period. And seeing her in so much pain is really quite horrid for a mother to bear. The recovery is very long for this surgery and we are anticipating her immobility for another two months or so.

I don't leave the house for very long. Maybe a half hour to run to the chemist or to pick up milk etc. So I have not bought one plant for the garden. Not that I am behind at all as the weather here has been wet. Record breaking wet. No one has done any planting as the ground is quite soppy. But I do need to figure out which climbing rose I will plant against the new potting shed.

I want a vigorous one obviously. Fast growing, deep pink or cerise with a fragrance and a repeat bloomer. I know, not much to ask for right? America? Galway Bay? I just can't make a decision.

The curtains in the bedroom still are not done yet. But I did paint the game room/play room about a month ago. It felt so good to get that accomplished and pitched bag fulls that went to charity. I painted it "Elephant's Breath" the Farrow and Ball colour and am so please with it. Fantastic colour I must say.

Well if anyone has suggestions for a great climbing rose I would be terribly appreciative!

And for my Canadian friends have a wonderful Victoria Day weekend!

Lisa xoxo


Vee said...

Oh your poor daughter. She shall be tucked into my thoughts and prayers. May she recover in record time! Hope that you have lots of good books and movies stored in.

No suggestions for climbing roses. I see knock-out roses everywhere, but they're not climbers.

Take care of yourself, too...

A happy holiday weekend to you.

Pomona said...

I hope that your daughter improves soon - difficult for her and for you, too, I think. Zephirine Drouhin is a lovely cerise climber - might be available in your part of the world?

Pomona x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hope daughter is up and about soon! Beautiful roses! xx

flowersandhome said...

I wish your daughter a good recovery and both of you lots of strength to see this whole period through; one step at a time.

I can't give you any advise on roses I'm afraid; although I absolutely love flowers(roses too believe me), I don't know anything about roses and have none in my garden.


delia hornbook said...

I hope your daughter recovers quickly i can imagine how painful that is for her. Good luck with your planting when you are able, dee x

Kit said...

So sorry to hear about your daughter. Ouch! You are a good mother to be sure. Just borrowed the instructions for your bed pocket. Can't wait to make my own! Thanks, Kit

Rubyred said...

Hope your poor daughter recovers soon!
Beautiful roses!
Rachel x

koralee said...

Oh no....your sweet daughter...sending you some extra love to send her way. And some for you as I know it is so hard to me a mom sometimes. xoxox hugs

bellaboo said...

Hi Lisa,
I hope your daughter is on the road to recovery,I've heard how painful that operation can be.I'm sure you are being a wonderful 'nurse'.Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.Have a good weekend. :0)

Ava said...

Love your roses, what a beautiful blog. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery xzx

psp sex said...

The roses are magnificent and the photos are even beautiful!
Loved each one of them!

Alicia said...