Sunday, December 05, 2004

"You Want Me To Put My Hands Where?!"

Yep, those were the words spoken to me by my eldest daughter. What would cause my daughter to rail at me with such venom? Apparently I asked her to do something that nobody, especially 15 year old girls do. It's disgusting. It's despicable. Indeed, I told her to clean the downstairs bathroom. Here is the conversation:

"DN1, can you please clean the bathroom downstairs?" (Have asked this of her before but for some reason, the toilet and floor were not washed, so I was way ahead of her this time)

"And make sure you clean the toilet AND floor this time" (heh, heh almost there, so close)

"Sure mom" she replies, bouncing down the stairs.

(Feeling real good but can you feel something coming?)

"Where do you keep the toilet brush?" (have never, ever owned a "toilet brush" and you would think that teenage daughter would probably, at some point have seen said brush after cruising around this house for say 15 YEARS)

"We don't have a toilet brush, honey you have to wash with your hands".

(Ya think it's now don't you? WRONG)

"Oh, well where's the rubber gloves, under the sink?" (now maybe it's just me but I never feel like I can clean properly with a layer of latex between me and the E. coli so armed with a jug of javex, I go commando)

"No babe, I don't use rubber gloves..."

(Wait for it...)

"Well, what do you use?" (said with total innocence, honest to God)

"Just my bare hands, babe just my bare hands."



Sink was semi cleaned. Toilet still had ring. Floor has more hair than Don King. I am refusing to clean said bathroom. The stand off continues...


Jackie said...

Tee hee.
That sounds like me trying to get DH to do the same task.
I know I don't have a hope in hell of winning though.

Anonymous said...

Why not simply buy a toilet brush? They're pretty cheap, and then your daughter wouldn't have any reasons not to do this chore, so everybody would win, no?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't do it either. Buy the poor girl some rubber gloves.

laura said...

wow, you put bleach on your bare hands?

my skin would never forgive me if i did that!

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww! I wouldn't clean a toilet with gloves, let alone hands only. Spend a few bucks on a brush.