Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Are 14 Pairs of Boots Too Many? Posted by Hello
I know you can only see 13 pairs but I couldn't find the black suede ankle boots. So the question is "how many pairs of boots/shoes is too many?" I am a shoe/boot-aholic, or am I? Most women I know seem to have a lot of footwear. They almost all serve a purpose (I admit there are two or three pairs I haven't worn in a couple of years but I just can't seem to justify getting rid of them). Why are women like this? My husband seems to get by just fine with two pairs of boots so why do I need 14?

Knitting? oh right, this is a knitting blog isn't it? Fantastic, most of my Christmas knitting is done and just have to fringe the shawl and finito. I caved on Saturday at Village Yarns and bought my Silk Garden #34 that I have been panting after for months. Decided to make a scarf for myself with it. I am doing the Farrow Rib again from The Little Box of Scarves and it is looking beautiful. Anxious to see how my knitted items go over with the recipients. I think I knit six items this year for gifts. Not bad for an amateur I guess. May post some pics later if anyone is interested.

Added Later:

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Anonymous said...

I only have two pairs of boots -- one "nice" pair with a heel that I can wear with skirts, and one warm pair that I can trudge through deep snow with. But I really, really, really would like to have more -- unfortunately the budget (hah! like I budget!) won't cover it.


haze said...

I left a good 40 pairs of shoes at my grandma's house when I moved from NYC to GA. I'm 3rd generation shoe-aholic. I've told my 14 y.o. son, that when he gets married, NEVER EVER question his wife's shoes. Or the need for several pairs of black shoes/boots, etc. Its in the genes!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't catch the shoe fetish from my Mom. I only have one pair of Blundstone boots. I often drool over nice footwear, but don't usually purchase them. I don't know why
Are you really Bree?
Oh and did you catch the Midsomer Murders series? I love watching summer in England when my toes are freezing. Perhaps I need another pair of boots?


thrill_me_mogilny said...

I don't even think I have owned that many boots in my adult life. My entire footwear collection consists of one pair of Ecco dress shoes, one pair of see through wellies, running shoes, hiking boots, and a pair of Eddie Bauer sandals.