Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Kiss Before Dying...

Yep, guess who is going to the frog pond. The pink Mission Falls sweater that took me eight months to do and course the inevitable happened right? I mean 6 year olds just do not stop growing til their needle challenged mothers can figure out "pick up stitches around collar and knit 3 rows. Sew pieces together and your done." Who writes this stuff? Or am I beyond blond? So, needless (always want to write needles when I type that word) to say I have to rip out this sweater and start something that will actually fit DN3. (Some of the yarn has to be trashed anyhow on account of me ripping out the collar so many times it kinda turned into pink dental floss in some spots but you really don't wanna hear me gripe about this again do ya?)

Now, I need some ideas for the below yarn. The "Babi" is stunning but have already made two shawls out of it and I need and idea about what to do with the other 1.5 skeins. And the mauve yarn is 100% wool and a wee bit scratchy so not sure what to do with this either. I guess a felting project? I will leave this in your trusting hands, you people are so much more imaginative than I am, so go for it.


Anonymous said...

A felting project would be perfect for scratchy wool. How about a bag? Do you have enough?

Michele said...

Aahh, bummer about the pink one! But I'm voting for a felted project from the mauve one. Do you have enough to make a Sophie bag?

Hope you're having a good weekend and staying warm!