Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wanna Show You The Helmet I Knit For DN1

But she won't let me take a picture of her in the hat. I don't want to show you just the hat cause it looks so blah just lying on a table. I want my daughter to model it for you guys and she was actually trying to bargain, "If I let you take a picture of me then I can go on MSN for half an hour right?" ah, NO you have homework so no picture (I may slip it on to her head while she is sleeping but maybe not enough light for my camera, damn) Gotta think of another plan...Stay tuned. I may win this one.

Hah, have you read my bathroom story?


Quick story, CSI: New York is on so I'll be quick. I hosted my neighbourhood knitting group last night and one of my regulars, the 87 year old, told another slightly hilarious story (remember her? she's the one that wanted to flip the guy the bird on the way to the Paton's sale last February, see May posting) Annnyways, she tells the group that during the holidays, she looks out her back window and thinks that one of her pine trees looks kinda odd (she has bad cataracts and is waiting for surgery) so the next day she looks out again and is pretty sure something is amiss but can't focus so she grabs her binoculars and realizes someone has chopped down her pine tree! Not only that, they left the saw!!! Now, in her backyard she has half a pine tree. Can you imagine? How does someone live with themselves knowing their Christmas tree was stolen from someone's backyard? The human race never ceases to amaze me.

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