Saturday, July 09, 2005

Broken Knitting Needles 101

My disappointment cannot be expressed by mere words. Just look at the picture folks. Brings a tear to the eye does it not? My beautiful handmade rosewood needles from Turn of the Century totally annihilated. How you ask? Weren't they just quietly minding their own business in the little wicker basket on the floor in the family room? Didn't you at one time think "Mmmm, maybe I should move those, DN3 (7 year old) may one day decide to play with them and possibly break your coveted handmade rosewood needles from Turn of the Century?" And didn't you still ignore this little warning bell in your head and continue on with your mundane existence? But the biggest disappointment may well have been the knock on your bedroom door by daughters one AND two, (almost 16 year old and almost 13 year old), begging for forgiveness as it was THEM that broke it, fighting with it no less. The irony here? They were a Mother's gift from last year. Found this when I googled "broken knitting needle". Some consolation I guess. Especially if I find someone the size of a house elf that wants to knit with handmade rosewood needles.

The French Nipple Bag is doing well, okay. It is no longer a large pert nipple. It is now a small, less aroused nipple, but still, I would categorically state, a nipple. I wish to thank all those wonderful suggestions I received and the hint to remove the first couple of rows worked out very well. Not as much nippleage. Can you imagine the complete and utter disappointment of the people that are googling "nipples" etc and are ending up on my knitting website. Kinda funny.

My life is still a sitcom. Stay tuned.

Found this. I want one. Their asses ALL look better than mine.


knittingnurse said...

Have you contacted Turn of the Century???? Many needle companies (skacel and Lantern Moon) will replace broken needles. Either that or maybe they will sell you a single needle??????

I know how much that must have killed you to see. Especially since you thought of moving them.


Donna said...

I'm so sorry for your needle loss. I broke a dpn not long ago and Brittany sent me two new needles for free. Mine were not nearly as nice as yours, but maybe the manufacturer can help you.

Good luck.

jussi said...

whats with those skirts???
do you think they are real??
if so, I want the one with the polka dot undies.