Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Scarf Knitting, Chili Making, Christmas Baking

No picture of the scarf. DN2 was nice enough to tell me last Thursday night she needed a scarf for a Kris Kringle on Saturday. She said that the girl requested a hand knit scarf to go with her school uniform (is this child available for adoption?). So out came the 25mm needles, extra chunky yarn and I was off to the races. It came out beautiful and the girl loved it.

Regarding my last post. Catastrophe was averted by a case of the stomach flu. DN1's friend came down with it so the sleepover thing was cancelled. But makes you think about the next time mmm?

On another note. DN1 has asked if she can go here this summer to earn a credit and get, and I quote, "the experience of a lifetime". My heart is warmed for a second time this week. My italian daughter (she refuses to acknowledge the "British" side of her heritage) wants to visit Ireland. Although she feels she will look out of place amongst the fairer Celts. I tried to explain to her what a black irishman was but she still thinks she will look like a Mussolini amongst the Hitlers.

The Christmas baking is done. The cookies are the Chocolate Chunk shortbreads from the Cottage Life cookbook. And the Spice Cookies are from Yarnstorm. Both are amazing and festive. Thank God I can eat as much as I want and not gain a pound. Yes, I was just struck by lightning. I've disintergrated into a pile of wool dust and wrinkles too dense to penetrate.

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