Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Betcha' Thought I Was Lyin'

Well here are the promised pictures after I searched for the camera AND found batteries. You are all worth the effort! I also had to wait to post as the shawl and tea cosy are gifts and she checks out my blog once in a while so here it goes.

The shawl is just a basic triangular pattern done in a burgundy cotton. She hates wool, acrylic, mohair and many other fibres, so I was extremely limited to the yarn I could use. The tea cosy is my pattern done with Patons merino wool. This stuff felts wonderfully and the pink and brown combo is brilliant. The crappy picture does not do it justice. The pram blanket is for a cousin that is expecting. It was done in a cream wool, the pattern is from that British Knitting mag that costs like $11.00 here.

Thats pretty well it.


J. said...

looks fabulous, I knew you would post them - eventually. I really like the pink and brown as well.

Elizabeth said...

So you have been knitting whilst hiding under that rock :)