Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Little Lovelies from England

I totally forgot to show you the lovelies mother brought me back from England. A Cath Kidston clothes peg bag, a toast rack, again from the Queen of All Things Good and a tin of syrup. I know this all seems rather meager but I have eaten all the other goodies. Oh, and the oilcloth all this is sitting on was lugged back by father. It is adorable with cherries, pears and strawberries. I believe they purchased it at John Lewis. There were chocolates, my favourite Jacob lemon sandwich biscuits that are a devil to find here in Canada and of course, candy galore. Really the best candy comes from England!

Why is it so many wonderful things come from the UK or Europe? I want a Cath Kidston shop in town, a Greengate across the road, a stall that sells cornish pasties on the corner and a Jacob's biscuit factory just close enough so I can smell the cookies being made. Honestly, is this too much to ask for?

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