Monday, July 23, 2007

Reading, Knitting, Planning, Decorating, Crocheting...

But, alas, I am only one woman. I am busily trying to prepare a little Knitting Shower for my SIL. My husband's sister belongs to our knitting group and I am organizing a very small soiree for her tomorrow evening. Nothing large, just our group of 6 or 7 women with some crudites, nibblies, tea sandwiches and the like. Of course there will be some of this. And then tea with the Hazelnut Cakelet from here. That is the planning category.

The decorating has to do with what flowers to display, what plates to use, figuring out which glasses hold the most liquor for your buck and what table cloth can be used to go over an outdoor table with a umbrella in the middle (how the hell do we figure that one out?) I have also been organizing my transferware. I moved the blue transferware to the bottom of my dresser and brought out my red transferware that never gets displayed. That was quite the job. Seriously, what a lot of bother. And washing all the dishes, my heavens.

The crocheting is not, well, crochet, per se. It's more like what do I what to crochet next? You know, the preliminary part.

The knitting is something in the works, really. And a suprise for all of you. I will be posting something about it tomorrow but I know many of you will enjoy it.

And the reading? Well you do see the picture don't you. I am so in love with the Caroline Atkins book, I can't put it down. The pictures are just so lovely and tranquil.

Well that is it for now. But do come back tomorrow for your little gift.

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