Thursday, August 16, 2007


For yet another party. DN1 is turning eighteen. Of course I am shocked. I don't know quite how this happened but it did. You know the old cliche "Where did the time go?", well it is true. She starts university in September, taking Sociology. Apparently, she was 1 of 83 accepted out of over 1800 applicants. Impressive for a kid that saw the inside of the VP's office more than she did a classroom (but it was never her fault). And she graduated with honours. Go figure. So, on Sunday, I am having 25 or so of our closest and dearest for a little graduation/birthday party for her. The problem is there is repairs that have needed doing all summer and my contractor/carpenter guy is AWOL. Why are they so hard to nail down (excuse the pun)? Hence the broken cupboard door.

The second picture is my "quick fix people are coming over and I simply must do something" repair. I do hope it will suffice.
Vacation was lovely. Beach, shopping, reading, knitting. And perfect weather. Quite heavenly and much needed. But it was also the first we have taken without DN1. She went to Cuba with friends and I missed her horribly. Is this the start of separate vacations?

We also have the wedding coming up on September 1. I need more time.

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