Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He's Still There and He's Still Naked...

Maybe it wasn't the best link I gave you last time. But imagine my initial suprise when I am cruising through "Corners" looking at the cute decor at Posy's, cushy pillows from Plump Pudding, the cosy patterns and colours at Pixiegennes when *BAM* it hits ya! Naked Guy. Naked Guy in a ladies blue see through robe thingy. With his bits and pieces for all the little ladies that cruise "Corners of my Home" to see. Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude. I just find it terribly offensive that it is on that site. It I wanted porn, I would go to porn. I don't want porn or to check out someone's twig and berries while I'm looking to get excited by chintz and ticking.

Perhaps Flickr never received my email regarding Naked Guy. Or the "Report Abuse" note sent oh, a week ago? Uuuurrrrrrrr!!!


Lisa said...

I haven't seen him but I will tell u a funny story. I was downloading what I thought was a song and apparently I downloaded a short porno movie. Well as I saw what was going on I started shreiking and hitting every button on the keyboard to make it stop-NOTHING WORKED. lololol. I flew under the desk and pulled the power cord out of the wall to make it stop just before I SAW anything. Whew!!!
My daughters and husband thought my reaction was so funny. I was horrified, not what I was expecting at all.
There's so much of this junk on the internet, maybe we just have to get thicker skin?

Samantha said...

Hi there,
I did pop over and have a look and apart from my intial amazement that (a) this lady would want a date with that man, and (b) that she would have the nerve to ask him to pose for the photo, that it shouldn't be there.

So don't worry I have reported it too! Can't have people looking for my cushions and finding that!

. said...

I don't know why we have to see that kind of things when we are so well looking for nice things.It's so unpleasent. Stupid people, that's what they are.