Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Simple and Beautiful

These little gems I just crocheted fit this category to a tee. All cotton yarn with a wee trim for a bit of flair. Will make washing up just a teeny bit more pleasant, yes?

There's a lot to be said about simple and beautiful. Jane over at Jane's Apron spoke of her love of Johnson Brothers ironstone. She chose this when she got married over all the more elegant china. I have always loved Johnson Brothers and still have the Blue Willow I bought shortly after I got married. My mother is partial to the "Pareek" style they had many years ago. All this thought has made me think of the lovely things we have around our homes that are just "simple and beautiful" that we take for granted everyday.

I am off to Boston on Thursday morning for a hockey. DN2 will be playing some exhibition games against some university teams down there. I am looking forward to visiting an Anthropologie store and maybe a yarn store if I can convince 20 or so other parents on the team bus that this is where they really want to be.

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