Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cath Kidston and a Cup of Tea

I received my Cath Kidston cataloque the other day and it was like receiving a special magazine in the mail. I had to pick the right moment to sit and have my tea and browse the lovely items.

But I must say, that cute apron reminds me of my gardening apron, yes?

I love almost everything in the catalogue, however, the loose flowery dresses are a definite no for me. Laura Ashley's didn't look good on me and I just know these wouldn't. But it's always good to know the things you won't look good in. Saves time and money. Everything else is so adorable. Why are there no Cath Kidstons in Canada? Can't we petition or something?

We had the wedding on Saturday and it was a glorious day. What beautiful weather we had. Thank goodness that's over, now to school scheduling, hockey registrations and of course, knitting and crochet! Love, love, love the fall.

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. said...

Another Cath Kidston fan.
And your header is so nice. I really like it.