Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hexagon of Love

Finally, a crocheted hexagon Granny would be proud of. I have been trying to make these little guys for a while now and have finally mastered the hexagon. I spoke before of the ones I tried to make and they were a mess. They were kind of crocheted circles (try sewing those together!). I have tried to colour match the Cath Kidston colours and I think I have succeeded. Not 100% sure about the green though. It is not the Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece like the other colours. My yarn store did not have the green I needed so I went with the wool/mohair. However, I am really loving the pink/red combination. So cosy! The hexagon pattern is free online. Very easy pattern. Believe me, I NEED easy. And it didn't look like a circle!

I really owe Alex at Moonstitches a great big thank you. It was her that motivated me. Hers are truly lovely and her eye for colour is brilliant. She is now trying to make the Nanny McPhee blanket and it is looking terrific.

Can't you just feel the Granny Square love spreading across the world?


Outi from White Country said...

The colors are delicious! I haven't tried hexagons yet as I have two blankets in the making, but your hexagons got me thinking I could make a scarf out ot them...hmmm.

Faith said...

Hi, I just found your website today, what a pleasure...I have added it to my site as well..I am a crocheter, and I love that vintage cottage look..the hexagon granny-LOVE IT, and want to make one...attaching the motif's for me is troublesome, do you have an easy way so they don't come loose? How did you begin to creat the look of Vintage Cottage?

faith said...

how are you doing crocheting your
hexagons together? or are you still making them..?

Anonymous said...