Monday, December 10, 2007

Browsing Old Victoria Magazines While I'm Supposed to be Cleaning and Decorating

How do you women do it? I have the tree up and that's about it. While looking through old Victoria magazines I came across our queen of all good things, Cath Kidston. These pictures were featured in an article back in January of 2000. The header was "Cozy Time ~ Snug Places to Dream". Apparently, that's all I do, dream. I don't organize, decorate or clean. Just dream.

I also have some contractors here fixing up little things and hoping to get my kitchen cupboards painted BEFORE the big day. What are my chances do you think? I know, not likely. But I can dream can't I?


Leigh said...

I love Cath Kidson, it is great that you found an old article with her in it!

There is nothing wrong with dreaming!

Eclectic Mishmash - totally unfocused. said...

Herloooo, Lisa!

Thank you for visiting my blog and posting a comment! I couldn't believe when I clicked on your link and heard Andrea Bocelli. Con te Partiro has GOT to be one of the most beautiful songs ever (on par with Bolero, in my book). It always makes me long for Italy.

I loved looking around your blog and will take a closer look another time. I'm right there with you on all the bunches and loads of other things I end up doing when I'm supposed to be organizing and quasi-productive.

I'm very new to the Cath Kidston fetish and love seeing pictures of what everyone else has. Next time I'm in London I will check out several of her shops ... but London also has an adorable store called Octopus with French goods that are too sweet and adorable also.

Please post more of your finds and brag as much as you want about the prices you get! That is half (and sometimes more) of the fun!

LOVELY cake plate and server, by the way! Those servers are uber rare. Have you decided to list it yet?? It's worth keeping. :)

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Thanks, girls, for making me feel better. I guess I am not the only one that isn't all decked out for the holidays.

On the brighter side, I did some Christmas baking today :)

Grace @ Rose Cottage Lane said...

Lisa I just love your kitchen. That quilt is going to be so lovely with the fabrics you picked out to repair it with. Lovely!