Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cath Kidston, Eat Your Heart Out!

Poor Canadians. Living in the second largest country in the world with a major metropolis like Toronto, and yet, we are Cath deprived. As a result, our only option is to fake it. Here is my little cosy blatantly ripped off from the Cath one.
But don't you think mine has a bit more personality? And did you notice the knitted egg cosies? They are crocheted. Well, must go. I have a craving for steaming hot porridge with brown sugar and cream, so off I go. With a cup of tea and my newest cosy.

PS. If one more family member asks me if this is a hat and can they have it, I will burst.


Leigh said...

Yes, I think yours has way more personality!! In a good way!!

A hat...hahaha!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love it and no shipping!
A tea cosy really is like a hat pattern with strangely placed holes, isn't it?

Yes, yes, I'm back online!

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

More queries last night with guests as to whether it was a hat or not.

Elizabeth, welcome back to the world of blogging!

Cathy said...

What a lovely tea cosy. Maybe you could make another one without holes just to shut them up!
Cathy X

Andrea - under a blue moon said...

Oh! You could be North America's answer to Cath! We are sooo deprived on this side of the pond.

(whispers - I would buy a hat version too.....)

Leigh said...

I just wanted pop in and say Merry Christmas!!!

Outi from White Country said...

It's really cute! Happy holidays!

Leigh said...

Haha, now I am back to say - Wishing you all of the best in the New Year!