Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Do You Wear to Meet Colin and Justin?

Rumour has it Colin and Justin will be at my father's store this afternoon. Well not at my father's toy store but right next door at the furniture store.
What do you wear to meet Colin and Justin? Lest I become a subject for a future show called "Desperate and Disgustingly Dressed Housewives of Toronto", I must go find something decent to wear.
* * *
Oh, and guess what I found at the Supercentre? There's one melting in my mouth right now. Guess I should wipe that chocolate from my chin before seeing the boys.

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rostrevor said...

Im sure they seem like such sweeties you could wear whatever you want and they'd still love you!
I loved Home Heist but have you seen Home SHOW? Its their usual frothy fun stuff. Love it!
Have a good weekend, hon, xxxx