Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pinking Fears

Is it possible to have too much pink? Too many flowers? My quest to beautify this home seems to lead to roses, pinks and overall femininity. Do I sometimes forget there is a man in this home that happily cohabitates with four females? Should I be concerned? My latest purchases seem to obliterate the fact that there is testosterone that floats around this home. But the need for vintage florals and roses is just too strong to ignore.
As you can see between Spring rummage sales and awesome deals on ebay the beautification continues. The plate (I know, I do think I have one very similar), the creamer and the jam pot were found at a church sale on the weekend. The sugar pot is an ebay find that replaces the exact one DN2 broke at Easter at Mum's. She looooved this sugar pot that was found at a Quebec farmhouse about 20 years ago with cement mixed inside of it. I just know I paid more for it than she did! The basket was found for 2.00 and has a top on it that folds over with a dowel inside to keep dust off? The lovely ticking fabric is another ebay find. How can you give up 5 yards of Laura Ashley for 8.00? Wouldn't it make a great tablecloth? Not sure yet what to do with it. But it is delightful.

The adorable linen tea towel was 10 cents.

And, of course, tulips. Our outdoor ones are barely peeking above the soil. Spring has not quite sprung yet but the temperatures are starting to rise. Thank Goodness. Did anyone see the snow that fell on London a few days ago? Wouldn't that have been more welcome about 5 months ago?
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I am trying to organise the blogs I read on my sidebar, so if you are missing, you needn't worry, you'll be back! Thanks for visiting I do love all your comments, they never fail to put a smile on my face ;)


Leigh said...

NO! No way, you can never have too much pink or flowers! Hubbys love us despite this weakness, teehee!

Your pics are really lovely!

PattieJ said...

Very pretty! I worry sometimes too that I'm making our bedroom or other parts of our home too feminine.I don't know... I don't think Men think very much about decor. All my hubby cares about is if the TV works and that there is a couch or bed in front of it! lol. So someone has to make it pretty!


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Leigh, I do think you can never have too much pink but what about in places like the kitchen or family room? And thank goodness they love us despite it all!

Pattie, you are soooo right about the tv!

That being said, my mum has just showed me the newspaper with a whole gaggle full of rummage sales this weekend. Hmmm ;)


Knitting Mania said...

I have to say, I love the color PINK!!! Very lovely post.

Happy Wednesday--

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What does your dh say about all this? If he's not complaining, I wouldn't worry one bit. What amazing finds, Lisa! I want to shop where you do. I never see things like that on Ebay. Goodness, perhaps I need to hang out there longer.

I did see all that snow at Ramblings From an English Garden. Did you get snow today?

julia said...

You can never have too may flowers in a house (although of course I may be slightly biased!) I'm slightly worried I may have gone OTT with he red polke dots in this house, but I can't stop myself!
Julia x

prettyshabby said...

you can never have enough flowers and pink! tell any boys it's so they can get in touch with their feminine side and all of womenkind will love them for doing so!
I have to admit I have two rooms absolutely out of flowery bounds (spoil sports!) hello Lisa, by the way.. and thanks for your lovely message!

Rebecca said...

Another beautiful blog! I love Blogland and all the wonderfully creative women in the world to connect with.

Pink is divine! Now that I have a daughter, I have really milked pink for all it's worth. I especially love your pink rose china. Beautiful!

Ladies' Historical Tea Society

thriftymrs said...

I agree with the others, you can never have too much in the way of pink or flowery stuff. My husband just has to cope with it!

Joy said...

I love all the pink! And no way could you have too much!