Friday, May 23, 2008

Sewing and Pug Pics

As you can see, I actually accomplished something I said I would accomplish. The two cushions from the vintage tablecloth. Done. I really hated to cut up that lovely tablecloth but it had a few tiny holes and I bought it, for two dollars I might add, specifically for this purpose. Another item checked off the list.
And I thought I would show you the cute watering can I picked up. Who can resist pink flowers on a watering can?

And the gratuitous dog pictures. Did I mention there is now well over 100 pictures of this dog stored on my computer? As you can see he is having a difficult time adjusting to the Knitty, Vintage and Rosy household, cough, cough.

I debated whether to show you these photos as some are well, kind of graphic. His bits and pieces are still, ah, intact. If I knew how to photo shop them out I would have.

And for those that are curious the rippling is going so wonderfully. I am awaiting a delivery from Webs for some new yarn for it. My goodness they have great prices. The yarn I am using was half the price than what I paid for at my yarn store. The colours are a bit different than the last one but very similar and quite a bit bigger. This one should cover my king size bed. Vee said I should still take a picture and show it to you all, so I may take the camera to my mum's for a picture. Still ticks me off a bit when I look at it, but as mother says, you can't unring the bell.
Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by.
PS Why won't blogger space?


Elizabeth said...

Hope you are still happy with the prices when you pay the duty and the gst. The duty always kills.
You know I think the fabric under the dog would be nice for a bottom cushion on the iron settee, or a pink one, just thinking out loud.
Do give that pug a little more loving, would you...
Have a good weekend!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Nice pillows...nice puggy! I've probably told you that I have a him. Pugs have such fun personalities. You made me laugh to say that you'd photoshop out the bits and pieces.

Dawn Gahan said...

My sister has a black pug named Tank and so I have a soft spot for them, bits and pieces and all!

The Gahan Girls

Miss sew n sew said...

Oh I love pugs he's gorgeous! your cushions look great it's could to actually finish something I have a great long list of half finished projects! Won't tire of your pug pics he's a cutie!

Trish said...

your cushions are gorgeous xxx

Cathy said...

Your bench looks like the perfect place for a cuppa! We have similar trouble with our dog - it is very hard to frame a picture without bits and bobs showing! We have been known to photoshop them with a big black 'censored' panel!
Cathy X