Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ikea Slipcover

Sweet Julia and Kelly were curious to see how the slipcover worked out for my club chair. I kind of delayed it as I wanted to wash the cushion cover to see if it would shrink a wee bit in the wash. It did, but the over all cover is still a smidge big but I like the look of slipcovers that are, you know, loose and cosy looking.

I am quite pleased with the overall look so now the poor chair my mum gave me now seems to have a new life.

I don't think the Ikea picture does it any justice. It really is a sweet pattern with touches of blue morning glories that you really can't pick up on the camera (at least not my camera).

Oh, and all the flowers are from the garden. What I managed to pick in between the huge rains we've had over the last 2 weeks.


Thanks for taking the time to drop by.


Linen & Roses said...

The cover looks gorgeous. As does your whole room. I really love your blue sofa as well, and the lovely chest you have as a coffee table. Very pretty.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The slipcover looks great to me...a good solution! You must be in the same weather pattern that I've been...nasty rainstorms every single day for weeks. The flowers really did take a beating, but yours look lovely!

pattie said...

Such a cheery...cheery room...Just makes me want to stop by for a cup of coffee/tea and a scone!!
Artfully Yours,

Lavender hearts said...

slip cover looks great, what a brilliant idea! I didn't know the Swedish giant had taken over Canada as well! :-)

I managed to get 2 of those Ikea Tesco bags but apparently they have been leaving the shelves as quickly as they have been filling them! I was very lucky to get them and that was only through the perserverence of my OH's mum!

Btw, your house looks like an English country home, it looks beautiful! :-)

Maison Douce said...

I think it looks great!! I just love that fabric from Ikea!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! It does look better than the Ikea pics, you are right. I could not tell about the blues in it from the ikea pics. I agree with you about the size of slipcovers, they do look best a little bit big. It reminds me of the gorgeous slipcovers from the film Atonement!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I love making old things new again!!!
You do a brillian job.

Anonymous said...

Did I say that I love your IKEA slipcover? It's been a long time since I've to IKEA. I used to love their rag rugs.