Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Most Humbled

The lovely Dawn at The Gahan Girls has honoured me with this award. A few words about Dawn. I came across her blog a few months back and it was one of those blogs you love instantly. You know the ones where you immediately begin looking through archives because, alas, you have met another soulmate? That was how it has been ever since. Soulful moments, charming thrift finds and delightful photography. Did I mention the dog? One of the most handsomest fellows in blogland?
A most profound thank you, Dawn.
Here are the rules:
1. Please put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.
4. Add links to the recipients.
5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award.
These are the bloggers I am nominating:
Sairer at Vintage, Pretty and Shabby. And not just because she leaves me beautiful comments. Her blog epitomizes comfortable, shabby decor and I love it. Not to mention some very heartfelt posts.
Julia at Vintage Heaven. Just because she makes living look so beautiful.
Vee at A Haven for Vee. What can I say? A sweetie that always has a kind word. Those that know Vee know exactly what I mean.
Elizabeth at Kittycafe. We have known eachother quite a while now and have been blogging for about the same time. A creative and homey blog with inventive ideas.
Kim at Ragged Roses. Because Kim can show us beauty everywhere. In a simple tumbler, an edge of a lampshade or jug full of candy canes.
Deborah at This Vintage Life. Eiderdowns, Carltonware and chickens. What more is there to love? Well there's a beautiful garden, a lovely shop...
Cathy at PinkGreen. Just because everything looks fun there. And because I am insanely jealous of her 5 pound carpet. And all her wonderful Cath things. And well she's just a great read.
* * *
I do have so much more to tell you but I have had an ill child for two days now and must get back to the Florence Nightingale thing.
Stay tuned and thanks again, Dawn.


Ragged Roses said...

Hello and congrats on your award, well deserved!!! Thanks too for passing it on to me, that is so kind of you. I hope your child is feeling better very soon, take care.
Thanks too for all your lovely comments on my recent food post, there's nothing like the mention of food to get us all reminiscing!

julia said...

Thanks so much, and well done for getting the award in the first place - richly deserved I say!
How do you put the logo onto your blog - I know I'm a total techno dunce but all help will be gratefully recevived!
Julia x

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the award, Lisa.
And thank you for passing it along.
Must have tea before the summer is over. It's going fast, isn't it?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Lisa, congrats on your award and thank you for passing it along to me. I'm honored! What sweet things you said about me, too. Gee! (I'll hand it off myself soon and I'll let you know when I do.)

Dawn Gahan said...

Thank you for the sweet words. Agreed . . . soulmates. And Gideon thanks you for the compliment. Handsome, eh?

Soulfully back atcha,

Dawn Gahan said...

Oh, and one other thing. I have loved visiting the blogs of those you awarded, and those they awarded . . . . what a great way to be introduced to other bloggers.


prettyshabby said...

thanks Lisa! and thankyou for the lovely comment too..well done on getting the award from the gahan girls in the first place, very much deserved x

Maison Douce said...

Congratulations on your award, you deserve it! Your blog is very inspiring!

Knitting Mania said...

Having a great aftenoon catching up on your blog, and congrats on your most deserved award...good for you Lisa...

Be Blessed....

This Vintage Life... said...

Well done on your award Lisa...and many thanks for passing it on to me. Bless you, I am very touched. Deb x

Lavender hearts said...

I have a competition involving CK goodies that I think you might be interested in! :-)