Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And the Winner is...

Lissylou! (thanks Your prize includes a Cath pillowcase, 4 dusting cloths, some spotty and gingham tea towels and a magazine of your choice! I hope you like it. Please email me with your magazine preference and address and I will post it as soon as I can.

I cannot describe to you the week and a half I have had. I was gone all week to my daughter's school provincials for hockey. And didn't they win it all? Gold Medal. Not only has their school never won it for hockey, let alone girl's hockey but their region has never won either. Really, big, big news. Our newspaper has covered it and there has been no less than three articles in there, mostly highlighting my daughter. There has been in person interviews, telephone interviews and photo shoots. Absolutely crazy, especially when you have a daughter that abhors the limelight. I'm not kidding. It embarrasses her to no end. So there was that.

Before I left to go away I got this fantastic idea to paint the kitchen. First I painted the window to see if I liked the colour. I do. Now I must organise myself enough to get the rest of the kitchen and sitting area painted. The window colour is Parma Gray by Farrow and Ball and the walls will be Pointing. I am laughing because I really do not know when I will get to this...

Like as if time will magically appear out of nowhere.

Can you see my latest little addition to my family? Sairer at PrettyShabby just blogged about her little red beauty and I had just picked this up before I left. I really love this colour blue. Peaceful.

Just a glamour shot of my dresser.

And many, many heartfelt thanks to Happy Loves Rosie for this wonderul award. I am so terribly pleased.
* * *
On another note, I did something to my right knee yesterday and it does not appear to be working properly. It may have been that little "ping" I heard as I was ascending the stairs. I don't think hearing a little "ping" in your knee is a good thing so I am going right now to have a wee rest. See what I mean about the painting?
And thank you all so much for entering my little contest. I did not realize there were so many of you out there that read my little blurbs ;)
Lisa xoxo


Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely giveaway!! I'm sure Lissy Lou will love iT!!!
Your china is beautiful, and looks fantatic on the dresser!
Hope your knee feels better soon : )

Enjoy your week

Sharon xx

MelMel said...

Oh dear do rest that knee!

Lovely kitchen....delightful!xxx

thriftymrs said...

Hope your knee gets better soon. Congrats to the winner.
Love your beautiful dresser.

LissyLou said...

Oh my goodness!! just reading through everyones blogs and see my name as the winner on yours!! so excited thank you. xxxxxxxxxx

koralee said...

congrats to you daughter..what fun...Oh how i love your blue and white collection of dishes...i have collected cornish ware for years...good luck on the knee

funkymonkey said...

Ooh I love your kitchen. Hope the knee is better soon.


Hollypop's said...

Love the china on your dresser it looks great.
You'd better rest your knee and think about painting the kitchen later, it looks lovely anyway.
Take care.

Vee said...

Congrats to your daughter! Oops...shhh...congrats to your daughter... How exciting! exciting...

I like the color on your window. I'm sure that you'll find the time somewhere.

Oh, your winner is so blessed!! said...

Just a thought. Why don't you send the money for Lissylou to buy her own magazine as it will be expensive in postage for you to send a magazine. Lucky Lissylou by the way!

Love Em x

rachel the krafty girl said...

i just came across your blog!
i hope you dont mind if i add you to my favourites!!hehe

hope your okay and that knee gets better soon


Cathy said...

Your kitchen looks gorgeous as it is, but I'm looking forward to seeing the finished painting too. Hope your knee is ok and it was nothing serious. There's a lot to be said for resting it whilst drinking tea and reading magazines though!
Cathy X

Judith Tetley said...

What a lovely blog you have. Don't know how I got to it...but I have enjoyed my visit. Your collections are sad production of so many companies is going to China.
Kind Regards
Judith (Australia)

twiggypeasticks said...

Well done Lissy Lou and well done to your daughter!!
Rest your knee
Twiggy x

white o'morn cottage said...

Love your dresser. It reminds me of mine as I have blue and white willow pattern dishes on it. Beautiful collection on it. Best wishes...Pam

Mr Lee said...

Hope your all doing well!

Knitting Mania said...

Congrats to the winner, such lovely gifts...good for her!

Your kitchen looks great!