Monday, December 14, 2009

Cath Kidston Christmas Catalogue

I know the catalogue has been out for a while and I have been meaning to comment on this since the day mine arrived. On page 10 there is this photo of the girl drawing her bath. At first I thought what a lovely photo! Right? Then I looked really closely at her feet. Is it just me or do they look dirty? And her toenails are, well, how can I put this nicely? They are not clean. I was a little unsure about this and showed it to my husband. His comment? "I don't think she shaved her legs either." Well it is winter right? I guess my legs don't look the best at this time of year either! Well, what do you think? Bad photography or dirty feet?

That being said, I did love so many items and of course do want it all.

And lastly, a handy tip. I always cut out the little fold over shopping list and use it as a bookmark. Do you?


MelMel said...

What a fab idea for the cover as a book mark, I'm so going to do that, also laminate them to make them last longer...cheers for that!
I love the UJ pin cushion....x

gingerwine said...

Thats so funny I am going to have a closer look!

Sam x

made with love said...

I am off to find my copy for another look. It always makes me smile when these pretty people are not as pristine as you might think. I love the photos in magazines of celebrities with unshaven armpits, etc.
Thanks for the giggle,
Rachael xx

A Country Girl said...

I guess that's why she's having a bath :)
Hair looks like it could do with a wash too, come to think of it.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Maybe it's her fake tan....funny though! :)

Frances said...

Oh, you are wicked and funny. Must be the photographer's lighting ... yet the robe/dressing gown looks pretty sparkling.

A few years ago, CK tried out a charming shop in a NYC neighborhood called NOLITA (north of little Italy.) It really was a great statement of what she does best. I visited many times, yet found that the pound/dollar exchange rate in play just made her beautiful items too, too expensive.

Well. Others might have also visited without buying. Shop closed up about a year ago. Still ... I do miss it. (Everything did seem to sparkle.)


Elyse said...

LOVE your bookmark idea.

huh - i hadn't noticed the dirty feet. i will have to review my catalog. shabby feet? LOL


LissyLou said...

ha, yes i do that!! (bookmark)

I've also been cutting out nice piccies from the last few issues, i'm going to collage some folders with them. xx

Florence and Mary said...

I have a pile of CK catalogues all waiting for me to play around with... now I will be certain not to forget to use the shopping list as a book mark!

Victoria xx

retrorose said...

Okay, I should have washed my feet, but why do you think I was running the bath?
I love the CK magazine, it's so good every time.

fee~bee said...

I guess that's why she is trying to hide her feet under that lovely robe .I'm using those fancy side bits for book marks too great minds think alike

fee x

steelkitten said...

I think you might be right about her feet. She's got her feet drawn up and toes curled up as if she's trying to hide them. People often do that when they're embarrassed about showing their feet off for whatever reason.