Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chocolate Biscuits (Again)

These Milk Chocolate Rounds were available here at Sobeys and IGA. They were packaged under their label of Our Compliments (I think). I need them. I cannot find them. The sanity of this blogger is at stake. If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know.
Thank you.
Blimey, Marks and Spencer, where are you when I need you the most?
PS How sad and pathetic is it that one blogger has used the title "Chocolate Biscuits" more than once as a post title?


koralee said...

Oh I think they have them at the Superstore. I bought something that looks identical to them but the package was grey or white...they were so so yummy. Good luck in your hunt. I just want to thank you so so much for your kind comment on my blog...we do so miss our Rosie but you like so many others have such kind words that my heart is full. xoxo

bellaboo said...

Those are my favourites too! The chocolate is sooo thick and lovely.We can get them in dark choc as well.I find them in M and S but also in the supermarkets so good luck...I hope you find them!
If not...maybe I will have to send you some to keep your sanity..lol!


cathleen said...

Oh, I know what you mean! I coveted these same chocolate biscuits a couple of years ago when I saw them on Jane Brocket's old Yarnstorm blog. I've never tasted them but the description made me swoon. I could only purchase them from England and I just couldn't justify the cost to satisfy by craving. Hope you find them or some kind heart sends you some!!!

Helen said...

In every perfect Christmas . . . . . . . something needs to be forgotten . . . missed out . . . perhaps this year it's your chocolate bics?
Merry Christmas to you!!
Love Helen x