Thursday, April 01, 2010

Birds, Buds and Blossoms

Hello! I am back! But before I forget, as I usually do, here is the April picture from the BBC H&A Calendar.

And before I went away I had picked up the March issue of Country Homes and Interiors but I did not have a chance to show you the lovely images. I lurve this wallpaper with all my heart and soul.

I fell in love with this yummy sofa.

The most charming bedroom all white with the pop of colour we all love.

How spring-like is this? Too beautiful.

I want to get in the garden right now. Our temperatures are to be around 20-24 C for the next few days, how crazy is that?

Hockey was wonderful. We won the Gold Medal in overtime. It was my daughter that scored the winning goal. This means that her school hockey team is the best in the Province. What a way to end her graduating year! She was interviewed several times while we were there and had a radio interview and newspaper shoot when we came home. She's kind of a big deal in the girl's/women's hockey world. Did I mention she hates any kind of attention? Some of the interviews I don't even know about as she refuses to tell me, she gets embarrassed.
Well my lovelies, can I wish you all a fantastic week? And of course, a happy and relaxing Easter.


MelMel said...

I love the mags at these time of year, so cheeful and bright....nice to see you...xx

A Time for Stitching said...

Congratulations to your daughter. Great to finish on a high!! The calendar picture is beautiful.
Teresa x

Madelief said...

Such beautiful pictures! I am glad the Hockey tournament was a success and your daughter the star! Your temperatures sound good. In Holland it is a bit cold 8/9 degrees celcius. I hope the temperatures will rise the coming weekend. Like you I am longing to do some work in the garden.

Have a Happy Easter!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Gigi said...

Well, BIG congratulations to your daughter -- how exciting for you all!
Love all the beautiful photos you've shared. I'm dying to recover my living room furniture and would love to have the look of the pillow covered sofa. Also coveting the birdie wallpaper -- would look great in the guest bath, I think. But, as my somewhat droll DH likes to say, 'all it takes is money, G'-- hrrummph.

Amanda said...

I found the cutest dishes that would go with that today!

VintageVicki said...

20/24 degrees - can I come over for the weekend? We're promised a very british wet easter weekend :(

Rubyred said...

Gorgeous magazine images!
Happy Easter to you too and Well Done to your daughter!
Rachel x

Vee said...

Congrats to your daughter and her team for winning the gold! Charming home where I could feel completely content, but very different from my own.

Elyse said...

these are amazing and inspiring photos! lots of swooning going on!

congrats to your star athlete!


Jenn said...

Congrats to your daughter and the rest of the team!
I love that wallpaper too!!! I always look forward to the spring decorating catalogs :)

Frances said...

Cheers to your daughter ... somehow there is something truly wonderful about a sports star who is humble. Wishing her continued success!

And ... those birds, buds and blossoms are so welcome to us wherever we live.

Those spring magazine photos are beauties, and let us all hope that we might soon see blossoms in our own neighborhoods, and be inspired to do some spring decorating round our own homesteads. xo

koralee said...

Welcome back...missed you. Congratulations to the girls for a Gold!!!! Easter Blessings my friend. xoxo

melanie said...

I am still waiting for my newsagents to get my copy of Country Homes in, I can not wait to browse through its pages. xxx

Theresa said...

Love all the colors. Thanks for the inspiration!

Heidi said...

Loved the photos, Happy Easter

LissyLou said...

Congrats to your daughter...and i'm loving the lovely inspirational pics xx

Anonymous said...

soooooo pretty! good to see you back :o)

Knitting Out Loud said...


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello~I've just strolled in for my first visit...I've enjoyed taking a peek around. Your blog is so beautifully inviting.We share similar tastes for so many of the same creative design elements.
It's wonderful how inspiring blog friends as yourself can be, that's why I love returning the gesture, by sharing cooking or DIY ideas too.

I've bookmarked you in my favs.
I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

Sweet wishes,

Krawuggl said...

Congratulations to your daughter, I could imagine how proud of her you are.
I love the little flower carpet on one of your picture, so cute and lovely, surely cheers up every sitting room.
Have a wonderful weekend,

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I love the look of the bathroom.
Well done on the hockey tournament. I live in a hockey household so I know how hard it is to win just a game let alone a tournament. Well done!!

Cottage1945 said...

Lovely inspirational pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, I stumbled upon your blog and while here, I enjoyed my visit very much. Your blog is loaded with interesting posts and lovely photos. I have joined your followers, and will return often to visit with you.

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

A bit late but I got all excited when I spotted our new birdie wallpaper (but we have it in yellow!) in your magazine!