Monday, September 27, 2010

Unpopular Opinion

Before I begin, let me first say I love Christina Strutt style. Her sitting room is so tranquil and soothing.
But having just read her new book, "At Home with Country" I must say I was disappointed. I felt as though it was just a very large, expensive Cabbages and Roses catalogue. Almost every room is styled with her fabrics. Cushions, curtains, tea towels, the list goes on. Again I love her style and her fabrics are indeed lovely but I found it a bit much.

I do own most of her books and love her tips and philosophies with natural cleaning and her re-use, reduce kind of ethic.

I am thinking I am on my own with this. Any opinions out there?


birdie blue said...

Haven't had the chance to look at that particular book yet, but I know what you mean when the pictures are beautiful but the content is weak. It makes it difficult to 'judge a book by it's cover', as it can be deceptive.

Have a lovely week.

koralee said...

Oh I wish I could give you my opinion...may see if we have it in our Library...the cover looks lovely

Hope all is well and you had a great Monday sweet friend. xo

Florence and Mary said...

I completely agree and understand what you mean... often I'm finding a lot of the styling books seem to not really feature a range of decor or unique items. I appreciate that florals are florals etc but sometimes you feel like they're just advertising catalogues.

Victoria xx

Mrs. Sutton said...

I know what you mean, but then every time I look at photographs such as your first image I melt and fall in love all over again! Sadly, I'm the sucker who keeps on buying books with the same images over and over again - I fall for it every time - I've got short term soft furnishing memory? x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Haven't seen the book sorry but do love that first photo - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I agree - the fabrics are lovely, but to have nothing but your own stuff in your house is a big ego-centric. I also find it a bit bland after a while - it needs something to perk it up a bit. It's lovely to mix and match with though. I've found that many of these books have the same photos in them too which is annoying. Blogs are much better value!!

Josephine's Girl said...

I haven't seen Christina's new book -- but I own two of her books and I LOVE her style!

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

~hmmm~ that is a bummer~

Elyse said...

i started to read it and was really enjoying the text but then before i knew it the book was due back to my library. i have to check it out again and will let you know.

i have noticed that a couple of her other books seem to have repurposed photos. i always love the photos though! LOL

happy weekend


This Old Country House said...

I just recently got this book from the library and I do love the style, but in small doses it may not be quite so overwhelming. Although I'm not one to talk, her house is much more put together than mine.

Love your blog, just found it!


MelMel said...

Very prettily put together, I sometimes buy books like these just for the pretty pictures, having said that, they are sometimes over priced for what they are, which looks to be just what you said, a pricey catalog!

Beegirl said...

Oh. My mom gave me that craft book a few years ago. I need to pull it out again! Yes...still raining here although I hear it is going to clear up this weekend. I don't do 50 degrees and drizzle for days on end well either! Sun picture was 2 weekends ago.. Great to hear from you!

Madelief said...

I only read one of her books, so I cannot really give my opinion. However, I do understand what you mean!!

Wish you a happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief


I agree totally with your comment. HUGS MARY