Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crafty Goodness and Some Sweet Loveliness

Before I begin with all the loveliness can I show you my cottage pie? It was just such a perfect looking pie we didn't want to eat it! But I quickly came back to reality when DN3 said "you're taking a picture of that?"

I know, moving right along...

Craftiness. Not a word used around here lately, but I did manage two of these little cuties. One for me and one for Mother. It is a crocheted granny square done in pure, lovely wool. Then I felted it! My hot pots are very comfy now.

Then I lined the back of it with this lurvely fabric. If you plan on making one please email me and I will give you a few hints.

This charming bit of goodness I ordered for myself. Love it except for the fact I cannot get the melted candle out.

Gorgeous rose scented candle and holder from Ikea. I received two of these for Christmas from DN1's BF and adore them. Simple beauty. Did you see the pretty books? From DN1. My sweet daughter believes that mother should get everything she writes on her list. And I did!

Where did I get this darling little gem? Well my best friend, Clara, felt I needed more cornishware. And voila.

See how it fits in ever so cosy like? Too much happiness over here!

Isn't it just so easy to love Cornishware?

Clara also treated me to this delightful Limoges plate.
My heart is warm.
The painting has begun. Sort of. The pre-painting chores. But this weekend? It's all about the paint.
Thanks for dropping by


Joanne said...

Such a lovely, domestic post!
Love it all!

delia hornbook said...

What beautiful presents love the cornishware and your little plate. I adore your crocheted square what a great idea ;-) Happy new year, Dee x

bellaboo said...

All SO lovely! A tip for your candle..just light it and let it burn right down to liquid wax and then tip away. :0)

a mermaids purse said...

lovely posting...delicious looking cottage pie!...yum for the tum!
soooo love dreamy cornish ware, luckily charity shops seem to come up trumps now and again!...your lovely treasures and home seem so beautiful x

Rebecca said...

Such a lovely post.... what pretty things! I have always wanted some Cornishware.... it is so pretty! x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The pictures of the blue and white cornishware are gorgeous - a really nice display xx

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

hello my lovely

i am not sure you will recognise me as millie meadowsweet, but you may just possibly remember me from my previous incarnation as skipping in the meadow. yes, i'm back! this time for for keeps (i hope) and its so lovely to see your pretty blog this new year.

wishing you a very happy, sparkly, healthy 2011
lots of love and hugs xxx

Jules said...

Oooh, cottage pie.... looks scrumptious. I am also v impressed by how clean your house is... I feel another bout of shame coming on and the need for some serious domesticity! Love the felty pot holder - am definitely going to have a go.

Anonymous said...

The pie looks delicious - especially in the spotty dish! That's a great idea - I've never felted crochet but I think I'm going to give it a go! Your Christmas list sounds like it might be very similar to mine!!
Happy New Year,

penelope10 said...

I put my candel holders in the freezer, and after a few hours they just chip right off!
Love the Cath Kid. colours! and my favourite the Cornishware!!

ahomespunyear said...

What a lovely square...and such a good idea to felt it.
By coincidence today I've just bought a brightly coloured crocheted throw from a charity shop. Must post it on our blog!
Margaret (and Noreen)

Elyse said...

everything is adorable!

painting can be rough stuff but it's always so worth it. best of luck!

keep calm and carry a paint brush!


Firefly said...

What a lot of good things you got for Christmas -- sweet family you have!
Love your felted hot pad -- adorable. And Cornishware -- can't have too much, can you?
New Year Blessings to you & yours,
oh, someone once told me to put candle holders in the freezer for a few hours and the wax will pop out

hapi-ness said...

beautiful XD it's so hard to make the perfect looking cottage pie! I love all your goodies :) and m super jealous of your cooker! xxx

Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

Your two handmade squares look really good! Love your Cornishware!

Enjoy your new week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Knitting Out Loud said...

Oh the polka dot pie plate!

Anonymous said...

yes,penelope is right... pop anything that has melted wax on it or in it...and the wax will pop right out after and hour or two. a martha tip i'm sure!

Anonymous said...

pop it in the freezer that is.....haha

Regina said...

i love your cornishware....
i love your blog.
i wish you all the best for this year

Helen said...

Just wonderful!!

Irma allemaal kleurtjes said...

Hello Knitty

Through another blog I came across your blog, I'm your new fan and follower,
beautiful all the sweet colors.
I enjoy your photos,
I wish you a wonderful weekend,

Greetings from the Netherlands, IrmaXXX

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Beautiful felted pot stand & very jealous of your Cornish ware! Lizzie x

Emma said...

I loved your kettle, how random is that..x

MelMel said...

Pretty gifts, love the CK candle holder!xx

Maaike said...

great blog you have, I like the CK style and colours. Your potholder did come out very well!
Have a great Sunday, love Maaike

Lilly said...

Love your beautiful blog, lovely photographs.