Monday, January 03, 2011

It Burned to a Crisp

For those that were waiting with bated breath to find out what happened to Mother's cake. I just felt so bad for her I did not have the heart to post about it. The problem was, and I really hesitated to tell her, was the use of TWO smaller pans instead of one large one as Delia states in the recipe. But let us not dwell on the mistakes of last year. As a new year begins I, like so many others, want to do a huge clear out of junk and begin some serious painting. Starting with my bedroom that has patiently been waiting for a make over. The iron bed I now have but I would like to start painting and am thinking of a pale blue or blue/green. Don't you just love the bedroom above?

And how pretty is this? But I often wonder how dirty/stained a padded cloth headboard would get? But so terribly beautiful.

Oh and my holidays were spectacular. My girlfriend and I drove down to pick up my daughter at uni on the 13th and she was here for two glorious weeks. Two weeks of eating, movie watching and cosy cuddles under eiderdowns. She had to return to school on the 30th for one and half weeks training before school even begins, but I am thankful for those blissful days together with ALL the family.
And it was a Sorel Christmas. The far right black ones were hands down my favs but not so practical. So I went for the fur trimmed ones second from the left. DN1 recieved gorgeous tan leather ones from her BF and DN2 got the short black ones.
Bring on the snow!
I do hope everyone of you had a festive, safe and fulfilling holiday.
And all the best, my lovely readers for 2011!
I have missed you so.


Florence and Mary said...

That first picture was one of my inspirations when I was trying to decide how to decorate my bedroom! It's beautiful (and looks nothing like I ended up decorating my room either!).

Victoria xx

Vee said...

I remember always buying Sorel boots for my kids when summering in Canada, if I could find them. They are wonderful!

Glad that your Christmas was wonderful with everyone home. Now that's a perfect Christmas!

koralee said...

Sending you oodles of new year blessing my sweet friend...sounds like your holidays were amazing.

My molly did not come home from college this year...we missed her so.

Happy Monday to love love your boots. oxo

Elyse said...

gasping over your inspiration pics and loving to hear your "voice" -- using words i don't often (okay, never) hear in the u.s. -- words like uni and eiderdowns. a lovely read!

wishing you health & happiness in the new year!


MelMel said...

Happy NY!
Lovely bedroom that, used a similar picture to give me inspiration, its very fresh looking!xx

Lavender hearts said...

I would spray it rather than paint. I swear by spray paint on metal as you get a much better finish and it's quicker.

bellaboo said...

Looking forward to seeing your bedroom makeover!
Wishing you lots of happiness in the new year. :0)

Sarah said...

Happy New Year!
It must be catching - I'm going for a bedroom makeover too! Looking forward to seeing what you do.

delia hornbook said...

Ohhhh....... ahhhhh i just adore that bedroom at the top simply devine ;-) Happy new year...dee x

yhosie said...

Beautiful bedroom!
its so clean and comfy ..

XoXo, yhosie

Anonymous said...

happy new year and happy decorating .Love those boots i could do with a pair of them to stop me falling over
xx fee

Oast Farm said...

Love your blog. I have pale green bedroom, it is so restful. I decided against pale blue as it is north facing. I think there is a photo on my blog earlier this year. I too need a new bed - current one sagging badly like its owner!

fialka012 said...


Dawn Gahan said...


So glad you had a wonderful time with your daughter! Wasn't Christmas all that much more special this year? I found myself not taking as much for granted.