Friday, February 04, 2005

Look at that Beautiful Cast On!!! Posted by Hello
Okay wool first, water later. I love this cast on (is it possible to develop emotional attachments to knitting techniques?), it really cranks my chain. It is neat and clean looking not too tight and matches better with the cast off edge, what do you think? The British magazine "Knitting" had a great article teaching you all these different cast on techniques and I am loving this one. (If anyone can teach me how to link to sites by just showing magazine, on blogger that would be great cuz for the life of me I cannot figure it out). I have also learned in the last couple of weeks how to properly pick up stitches AND the 3 needle bind off which I think is frickin amazing cuz sewing up sucks big time and anything that eliminates the most shitty side to knitting, I want to be a part of.

I am very happy with the scarf. It is the Men's Cashmere Scarf from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" and although I am not using the recommended cashmere, it is coming out simply stunning. The texture created by the alpaca silk and the simplistic pattern is very appealing and the two work harmoniously together.


Things are semi normal here. The water main was capped Wednesday afternoon at 1:00. My councillor told me that if I hadn't been bothering him on an almost hourly basis, and he in turn bothering the Works Commissioner, it probably would not have been repaired as quickly as it was. Go figure. There was no water damage from that here or at my neighbours (that I know of) so some of you must have been praying *hug*.

Still waiting to hear back from my contractor on the estimate for repairing the ceiling/fixture/floor etc. Haven't heard from him since Tuesday (imagine that, not hearing from a contractor/tradesman when you expect to, weird eh?).

And to top matters off so well this week yesterday, as I am preparing for DN3 seventh birthday I started feeling so tired. Went to the grocery store and it exhausted me. Got home, put the groceries away and laid down with a cup of tea. I could not get warm. Got up an hour later and every bone in my body was aching. It was downhill after that. Hubby handled the grandparents for coffee and cake while I learned more reasons to avoid public bathrooms on CSI (gotta love that Spike! Network). So I am wrapped up in flannel pajamas, undershirt, wool socks, wool cardigan, chenille housecoat, duvet and wool rug and I still have goosebumps and teeth are still chattering. Check my temperature and it is 101.6. Now this is really something for me cause I haven't had a temperature since I was pregnant with DN2 and had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (13 years ago). So took acetaminophen, did the sweat/chill cycle all night and woke up and the fever had broken. I seem semi normal now, just a bit achy. Maybe it's a 24 hour thing? I don't know, just getting sick of being sick (especially if you're so sick you can't knit).

That's it. Thanks again for your happy thoughts.

Knit On

Added Later:

If you are interested in the Last Minute pattern please make sure you check the errata page at:

Again, added much later:

Thank you Claudia, to alerting me of my utter stupidity. I didn't even tell you what cast on method I used for shit sake (thank you Norma, for the lessons on my ever expanding vocabulary). The cast on was the "cable cast on" and it can be found on video clip here.


Chelle said...

That is a beautiful cast on!

BTW, you forgot that old truism...motherhood is the one job with no sick days!!

Hope you feel better soon, or at least rally enough to be able knit while still garnering familial sympathy.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the look of that cast on! I haven't watched the video demo yet but I will bookmark it for future projects, which could begin any minute now! Hope you are feeling better soon.

jussi said...

linking with Blogger:
when you are "creating your post" highlight the word that you want to link - your example "magazine" then click on the icon on the toolbar which looks like a world and chain links, it bring up a box with http just write the url in there, and click enter, "magazine" will then be highlighted. emailme if that is not clear, Love your blog, so sorry about the water.

FaeryCrafty said...

What kind of cast on is it?

thrill_me_mogilny said...

Hey it's Monika(mokey)I love that cast on; it is my absolute favourite and the only one I use(except for lace)Any chance you'd be up for an impromptu SnB this week? I'm not too thrilled with the lighting at Starbucks/Chapters. Let me know if you hav ideas for a good spot to stitch and bitch in Etobicoke.

disa said...