Thursday, March 24, 2005

fait accompli

I feel a Buttonhole Bag frenzy coming upon me. Finished that little sucker in one day. I am using it for a little lunchbag type thing. When I do errands I take a water bottle and banana or granola bar and this is perfect for it. Older daughter looooves it so I am making her one for Easter in spring colours and I will fill it with chocolate and funky stuff 15 year olds love. I think I will make a gazillion of them since it only takes a day. I used some wool I had in stash, one of which I am not even sure who made it but the other two were Lopi and Philosopher's Wool.Gotta go, I am heading to Village Yarns to pick up some Lamb's Pride for more bags and a pair of clogs for DH. Happy Easter! PS Go visit MasonDixon and knit yourself one.

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Monika said...

Those are amazing little bags, and I'm not usually into bags. Did your Philosopher's Wool felt okay?