Friday, August 05, 2005

What IS that smell?

The first noxious smell this week originated from this. Thank God there were no fatalities. It truly was a miracle. However, living less than 10 minutes away from the crash, we got the smell. Kind of a combination of burning plastic and rubber. That went on for most of the evening. This picture is taken from one of our traffic cameras on Canada's busiest highway, the 401. And Knittingnurse? This is less than 5 minutes west of my father's store you will be visiting. My dad actually heard the explosions.

The other smell originates from a much more basic source, these. Why the hell can't people scoop? My mum tells me that on Sunday, a neighbour up the street with a large shepherd cross, let his dog do his thing and was walking away when my mum yelled out the window, "Hey, if you are going to leave that..."and doesn't he pipe up "Ya, ya I'm goin' pick it up", apparently his tone was less than congenial. My mother was going to finish with "I'll give you a bag" but he was a little too pissed to let her finish. Now, why should he be pissed? And doesn't he send the wife down, in her car no less, to pick it up? There is a tonne of dog feces around here and all the piles are HUGE. Why can't people pick up. I am a dog owner/lover and just can't understand it. Then they have enough nerve to be angry at YOU. Some of these owners only walk at night, under cover of darkness and guess what? No plastic bags to be found. The smell is less than flowery around here. Maybe they should take lessons from here.

And tomorrow, I am on vacation. Will be stopping here, but have not told passengers this as yet. Wish me luck!

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