Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Bus is now departing - Next stop - Kitchener Waterloo

Well, I'm back. Safe and sound and lighter in the pocket. What a beautiful day. We arrived at the Knitter's Fair at about 10:00 and got in before the crush. As you can see I purchased more Briggs and Little. Who can resist $2.99 a skein? I ask you, who? Sorry Elizabeth, damn wish you came. Oh, by the way, I finally purchased a Chibi. And that multi coloured stuff? I don't even know what I'll do with it, just loved the colours.

And the funniest? My SIL came today. She is the least knittiest of us all, just kinda picks up the needles at our SNB and doesn't really knit much in her spare time. Guess who wins the door prize at the fair? You guessed it. A kit for a fair isle hat. I had to explain to her what fair isle was. She's going to attempt a hat with it though, maybe a simple stripe to start her off. And I got her hooked on making a buttonhole bag.

After the yarn orgy we headed to Guelph for lunch. What a hoppin' little town. We ate at Salon de Tea which wasn't bad but we were looking for more of a traditional tea room and this was a bit more on the funkier side. Good food though. On our way out, we passed by this stunning and architectually spectacular marvel. That is Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. What a beauty on top the hill and probably one of Canada's most magnificent churches.

That's it for now (had to line up for the damn computer) will post more tomorrow.


knittingnurse said...

mmmmmmm, yummy stuff.

I love that multicolored stuff too!

Elizabeth said...

Sure, the 2.99 B&L couple was there this time! Just twist the knife.

Chelle said...

Funny about the Chibi...must have been something in the air last weekend!

I lived in Guelph for a year and passed that Church everyday on my way to classes. It truly is a marvel.

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