Saturday, September 03, 2005

Now Back to your Regular Scheduled Programming

This is a knitting blog, yes? Some new readers may be wondering that as I persist on jumping up on my soapbox and writing about everything other than knitting. Well, for now, let us talk about yarn. Our over abundance of it, (me) our shopping of it (me) and our constant need to see, feel and smell more (again, me). Today I purchased some yummy Sirdar Denim from a little known place here in the city called June's Garage. Never heard of it? Well that's because it is not a store per se. It is actually a garage. And it is June's garage so need I say more? It is located in Richmond Hill and it is a cornucopia of amazing yarn and deals. I don't believe she has a website but if you email me I will give you directions on how to get there. It is rather complicated so come on, email me and get a great deal on yarn. Now about the " need more" thing. Next Saturday I am going here. Just cause it is a lovely excuse to leave the city, have lunch in the country and smell yarn. Again, I am going with a Suburban full of blue haired ladies that always promises to be a treat.

Oh, and I think I have been watching too much CNN. The yarn lady thought I was from Texas, she said I had a southern accent. Perhaps I need to take it easy with the Hurricane coverage.

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J. said...

Ahh June's Garage sounds like a good place... next time I am in TO I will look into it. Happy first day of school - even if it is not a full day back it's a start!