Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Remember "Lou" from Rowan? And the Fiber Trend Clogs?

Well, here they are. The collar of the sweater was finally sewn up by my mother. It is a little short but very stylish. Dn3 looks adorable in it. It's suppose to have three buttons but the look is cuter with just the one.

The clogs are done but they came out a wee bit on the large size. I did the medium ladies but used different yarn this time and they came out bigger. After nine (9!!!) agitations, I figured the suckers were not going to get much smaller.

I am still working on hubby's sweater and the lacy scarf. Then I will be starting Christmas knitting. Not sure what yet, but indecision has never stopped me before.

Went shopping with Dn1 and Dn2 on Monday night looking for formal outfits. We have to attend one of these on January 6, 2006, so I got my butt in gear and got them to go here.

It was a very draining evening. Dn1 was not happy with anything she has tried on although she has lost like 30 pounds in the last 6 months and Dn2 has short muscular legs with a, ahem, large chest protection area making almost any lowish cut top kinda tarty. We ended up with pinstripe dress pants and two dressy tops. She also has confirmation and graduation this year so I bought a back up. There are still shoes/boots to buy for them and I still have to take Dn3 formal wear shopping as well. You all envy me don't you?


Heather said...

Nope, no way, not at all. Shopping with my daughter is torture. Do they ever like anything? And then, of course, they wind up buying something at the last store that they have seen 100 times in all the other stores. But it is different. Right.

Heather said...

And the sweater is simply adorable and I love the clogs. I need to make a pair for myself.

Marina said...

I think I'll keep my boys though the youngest can be quite picky.

jussi said...

with my youngest girl, clothes shopping is a joy...I do not expect this to last! With the others...very tiring

Maggie said...

For the clogs...did you try the dryer? Run them through a hot wash once more and dry them on hot...keep could be the final kick they need to firm up. I can't remember what you used to knit them with. I used Galway on mine and they are bulletproof.

btchwstix said...


In the dryer for almost 3 hours. With the money I have spent on hydro, I could have bought 10 pairs of slippers.

No big deal, someone will wear them.

Maggie said...

Holy crap. I guess they're as done as they're gonna get.