Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fresh From the Aga

Or alternatively, "Tea and Scones on a Blustery Day". Bloody wintery out today. Just what the doctor ordered. Crazy weather, crazy house, crazy lady. Crazy weather cause it is 8 degrees below zero, we got 5-10 cm of snow and the forecast is saying it will be 12 degress by Monday. Crazy house because I got downstairs to load these pictures and I could not find the keyboard. It is cordless and the kids, for some godforsaken reason had it on the floor, almost under my husband's desk (if you saw a picture of the condition of this office, you would understand but that's a post for another day). If I was in a more fiesty mood, I would have keyboarded with my toes but alas, after the next story you will understand. Did you know I can knit with my toes? Off on a tangent again. Sorry. Couldn't find the cord for the camera downloading because they had moved/hidden it for the iPod downloading. Crazy lady because I must be going through the dim-witted stage of menopause. Why else would I choose to wear high heeled black spikey boots and a thin leather coat today of all days? Talk about begging for Trouble. The equation looks something like this: Spikey boots + Thin Leather Coat= Big Tumble. Was kinda funny in retrospect. One of those you think you know where the curb is but you really don't because of the huge pile of snow? Then you are so full of snow in the car and the heat kicks in and you become just wet. Twisted my ankle a bit but I was much more worried about who was watching. Although why I should care, I don't know as I am now relating it to you, my devoted public.

Now do you understand my need for hot tea, hot scones and a little sympathy?


J. said...

Maybe the kids were pulling a Harlot - scrolling with their toes so they could knit while they were catching up on knitting blogs...
The tea looks tasty, hope you are enjoying your snow as much I am - LOL

Elizabeth said...

It was a cozy food day. In fact from now until the end of March. Love the china but you were remiss in photographing the tea pot. I'm sorry but I need to see the teapot.