Saturday, November 05, 2005

Amazing, What A Little Hair and Make- Up Can Do?

Well, how was your Hallowe’en? Mine was a little shaky. Have had a bladder infection and just got a cold. It rained here almost a full two weeks before Hallowe’en so decorating was not really priority around here which is totally out of character for me but when you are not in top form, these things tend to suffer.

I have been trying to duplicate (duplicate being the operative word here) a lovely scarf my mother gave me a little while back. It is this jewel toned wine coloured lacy bit and I simply adore it. However, it is on its last legs and I am trying to make a suitable replacement for it. That’s how I fell in love with this. I mean I love Fleece Artist but this is like having an orgasm while eating chocolate. Possible, but never felt before. Who can say no to 100% Silky goodness? Then, of course, the big decision was what pattern to use? The original is crochet. Well, I can do a mean chain stitch but that is the end of my crochet repertoire. So, after many, many false starts I ended up with a Feather and Fan type of pattern that is sooo working with the yarn. Now normally I am not a FF type of gal (too reminiscent of the Granny Afghans I was exposed to as a child, I am still blocking those memories for the sake of my craft and sanity) but this looks simply divine with the Handmaiden.

I am also close to finishing (who is kidding who here, I have barely started the second one) the Fiber Trends slippers/clogs for DN2 and plan on posting some really handy dandy tips for these cozy little marvels after completion. There seems to be quite a bit of speculation on sizing, the best wool etc. and damn it, I’m here to set the record straight!

I also wish to thank Michele for the help with the security for spamming thingy. Everyone knows my tekky skills are almost nil (read: nonexistent) so I can comfortably go back to posting my rubbish without further ado.

And in the totally insignificant section of my post (betcha can’t wait for this one), has anyone seen the Disney Hallowe’en special, “Twitches”? I am totally mesmerized by the woman that plays their Queen mother. The woman is breathtakingly gorgeous and I never caught her name. Stunning beyond belief. Now before my regulars start to think I am tipping the velvet, the observation was made because she reminds me of this KnitBlogger. Just sayin’. See what happens when I don’t post for a while?


knittingnurse said...

Glad to see that you are back online. I missed reading about all your goings ons.

Love the costume.

Michele said...

OMG! I love your costume. You look like my one of my favourite neighbourhood ladies when I was a kid. Really very not bad for someone feeling under the weather.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how someone as British Isles as you can look so Slavic! You're one of us now! Hope all is well! Monika(

btchwstix said...


It's the babushka. Or perhaps mother had a thing with a hunky, eastern bloc hockey player, yes?

Many people have commented on my Slavic/Germanic looks and if you see how often the Island was invaded by Jutes, Normans and Vikings, and eventually settling there, you can pretty well understand my crazy looks. Funny that you mention this, a few months ago, a german neighbour asked me "Ver are you from? I see Viking blood in you."

This could all definitely explain my love of cold weather!

Elizabeth said...

Nice costume - I like the boobage.I am part slavic but it is rarely commented on. Did you just say you like cold weather?

btchwstix said...


Ahem, the word was LOVE, not like. Us premenopausal nordic women prefer the cooler climes.

At the moment I am sleeping in tank tops and undies. That's it.