Monday, February 27, 2006

Off to the land of Bally K

It's official. DN1 is going away to study for one month this summer in Ireland. But does she realize how lucky she is? To be studying at Trinity? The oldest university in Ireland? Founded by Queen Elizabeth the first? I doubt she understands, I just wish it was me. Not that I'm complaining. She's also the type that happens to run into celebrities all the time so I'm sure there will be stories of her meetings with Bono, Cillian Murphy or Liam Neeson. Not that we, as parents, ever live through our children. No way, not me.

Knitting? Why yes I have been knitting. Small scale. And slow. Why slow? Well, I finished the first sock for my husband and thought I would try that 3 needle bind off thing for the toe instead of the kitchener stitch (which I love by the way so what the hell posessed me?). Anyway, it sucked. I could feel that ridge at the toe and I wasn't feelin' the love. So I ripped out. A tad too much but why should I divulge more stupidity to you than I have to? Let's just say I need to do the decreasing again.

Not much more to say than that. I have to go online and figure out the passport application thing for DN1 and DN2. DN2 is going to Cape Cod this summer with her friend so I guess I'll get her one as well. Paper shuffling when I could be knitting. Crap.

PS Mother has me searching for a cardigan pattern for my dad. She purchased the yarn and pattern book a while back and the patterns turned out to be way too small for my father. She has me searching the net for plus size patterns (3X). Do you know how difficult it is to find plus size knitting patterns? Are there no plus sized knitters out there? What's up with that?


Chelle said...

Probably not appropos for your dad, but I'm pretty excited about the upcoming "Big Girl Knits" (although I am, in fact a "could lose a few pounds, but still off the rack" size myself, I have looked for patterns for a few BBW friends!)

The book comes out around is the link!

Heather said...

Congrats to DN1! What a wonderful opportunity for her. Mmm...Liam...

Anonymous said...

I saw a plus-size pattern book at Romni Wools this weekend. Since it wasn't what I was looking for at the moment, the title escapes me, but I'm sure if you called they could provide it.

J. said...

I have a Lopi bulky book that has some largish sizes in it, but there are no cardigans - I wonder if you could adapt something. I'm making P a sweater and he is a big guy, 6' and about 230 ib ( he would kill me if he knew that I telling the world that) anyway they are out there
Congrats to the girls onthe summer plans, fun fun fun

Carla said...

aaahhhhh, what happened to our lovely Jose Theodore???

Uni in the UK, I would have liked to do that.

Jen said...

Hi! I just found your site while google-ing plus size patterns. Yes, there are plus-size knitters out there and they hardly ever knit for themselves because trying to find a pattern is just depressing. But Big Girl Knits is a great book and they plan to publish a sequel.

You can find some patterns for men at Vermont Fiber Designs up to size 6X.

And I just started a blog about plus size knitting, sewing and crochet patterns. It's at

Take care!