Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Newest Obsession: Crochet Trimmed Tea Towels and Samplers

Isn't that cushion sweet? I spent the better part of my knitting group last night sewing the top closed. Have I remarked before how lousy these particular skills are? Hopefully nobody will notice the sewing job, only the prettiness of the cross-stitch. Don't tell anyone but I got it for .99 cents. I know it is rude to brag about what you spend on items but really, .99 cents? Mother would be angry.
And, like I needed more obsessions. Vintage tea towels. The one on the top left I actually had and always used as a doily. The morning glory one (just delightful) and the one on the far right bottom I purchased together on ebay. The Wednesday one I also purchased on ebay, but separately and the top right one I picked up for .50 cents at a contents sale a few weeks back.


Anita, I have tried several times to leave a comment on your blog but I think blogger comments are not working. Lovely blog you have there and that quilt is simply scrumptious.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, girlfriend, aren't you supposed to KNIT at a knitting group, ahem?
It is a nice cushion.
You know I'm just teasing...

Anonymous said...
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