Friday, January 04, 2008

Thankful for So Much

Happy New Year!
I have been doing nothing but enjoying these wonderful days with my family. My husband and I have spent our holidays with pots of tea, morning coffees and salubrious lie-ins snuggled in our king size bed, with snow flakes gently falling outside our bedroom windows. We have been blessed with more snow this year than usual and have been savouring every minute of it.

As you can see, I finally purchased the new camera. I managed to find an online deal here, although they were out of stock, I was able to print off the advert and got the local electronics store to price match it. Glorious. Now I just need to figure out how to actually use it without always choosing the "auto" feature. It is the Canon A560 so all suggestions will be welcome.

I must have been a very good girl this year as I received some truly thoughtful gifts from both family and friends. My husband got me a sewing machine, yes you read that correctly, and I am ready now to embark on the journey to the sewing world. I also received many books, dvds, cds and of course, the obligatory pajamas. One movie, in particular was a complete delight as I have searched for it on many occasions all to no avail. If you have never seen My Life So Far, you are really missing out. And who doesn't love Colin Firth and Rosemary Harris? My daughters gave me the most beautiful porcelain blue and white chopsticks. They are just lovely displayed in an ironstone jug. Why didn't I show you those? What a grand photographer!

I am still waiting for my carpenter to come and do something with my kitchen cupboards. I want them painted with new knobs and some repairs done to some of the drawers as they have not been cooperating lately. All my other repairs have been accomplished but the front door closes most reluctantly now since they "repaired" it. Two steps forward, three steps back.


Well that's most of my news. I was quite sick at the beginning of the holidays with a very nasty sinus thing. This seems to be making the rounds both here and in the UK and I can only hope all the ill bloggers get better quick. I miss all your lovely posts!


Elizabeth said...

Those cupboards still not done?
I have been debating painting my new-to-me kitchen cupboards. A new countertop is a must. And knobs. I want to but painting real wood always gives me pause.
Happy New Year!
(I still haven't been to your fav tea shop in town)

Leigh said...

I am glad you feel better! What a great hubby you have!! I hope you enjoy you new camera and your new year!