Tuesday, January 15, 2008

By Invitation Only

Can someone tell me why some of the blogs I have been visiting for quite some time are now prohibited?

"This blog is open to invited readers only"

Why? I mean I can understand if it is a family blog or a blog that deals with sensitive issues but craft and decorating blogs?

Too bad, some I will miss but it does give me an opportunity to list some new ones.


Claudia said...

I was just wondering the same thing! I don't get it. I'm sure they have their reasons, but then it would seem that it becomes something other than a knitting or craft blog. Hmmm...

J. said...

I don't know but I thnk that perhaps itmight have something to do with other bloggers not being so nice, I know a few people whohave been frustrated with peoples comments/critcisms and so they have used passwords to stop it from happening.
It kinda sucks though when you have already been reading for some time.
BTW - love they tray in the last post

Anonymous said...

some people may have had inappropriate comments on their blogs so they chose to do that. it sucks, but you can always request to be permitted in.

Ala said...

I love your blog very much. There are so many beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!
My conssiedartions are the same like yours - it is sad when your favourite sites are prohibited now.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

The funny thing is you really have no way of asking because there is no email address on the no entry page!?

I guess you have to know the person beforehand to gain the password.

Just hope some of my other favourites do not take this path.

Lisa xo

Leigh said...

Luckily, I have not encountered that yet. Ouch, I think it would hurt my feelings a little. Please post if you find out what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I just ran across that this weekend at one of my favorite blogs for a long time. So sad.