Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shame on you, Country Living

Imagine my excitement, opening the newest Country Living with all the blue transferware on the cover. Sitting with a cup of tea, whiling away the afternoon in comfy bliss. On the cover there is a little spoiler, "Classic Whites and Products We Love". Well, that gets my juices flowing, maybe some pictures of some Nordic hideaway? I am quickly falling in love with the Scandinavian Esthetic and my heart is beating just a teensy bit faster as I flip through the pages. Finally, "Swedish Style" it says. Gustavian twin beds? Geez, they look vaguely familiar somehow. Where is that magazine I was breezing through a few weeks ago? Yes, there it is. Was it in here? Bob's your uncle!
Not only did Country Living re-use these beds, which in itself is really fine, because that is what decorating is all about. Finding new uses, re-purposing, re-arranging, no problem. But damn, if that isn't the EXACT same picture as what they used, oh say, back in April 2000. The exact same picture. I paid for this magazine to give me new ideas, new concepts, new. Not the exact same layout as what you gave me almost 8 years ago.

So screw Country Living (although the transferware was beautiful and there is this great article about Debbie Dusenberry that is really great, but I digress) there's other fish in the sea. Like this great book I just got out of the library called...damn, didn't see that. Well, that Country Living is just everywhere aren't they? So the book is "Country Living" Collection Style. It behooves me to say, with feathers in my teeth, that it is a great book. Can you see that glorious sun filled room? Simple yet cosy. And I received the "Shortcuts to Decorating Country Style" for Christmas. Lovely, lovely pictures, and you can pretty well guess what magazine editors this is from right? I also borrowed the new "Perfect English" by Ros Byam Shaw and again, very pleased. And of course, the old standby, "The Laura Ashley book of Home Decorating". My first decorating book purchase after I was married, way back in the day.

Well, now that I have made an utter fool of myself I simply must tell you that I have been working on some crafty (did I just say "crafty"?) little projects that I will be showing you shortly. I don't know if that is a teaser or better yet, a warning. I have been sewing!


Btw, I actually had a pretty crummy day today, with many unexpected twists and turns and since I have been posting these gorgeous pictures and chatting with you, I actually feel better! Thank you.


Leigh said...

Oh no! I love CL! You got your new issue before I did, and I am already mad at them!!

I can't wait to see what crafty thing you make!

julia said...

You've just reminded me that I subscribed to th US CL and it hasn't arrived yet!
Thanks for visiting, I'll be back!
Julia xx

Samantha said...

Someone else posted about this a while ago - I think this is something that happens quite a bit.

Bit of a cheek as you have to buy the magazine every month and get reccyled photographs!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Really? Wow, you have a very good eye to pick up on that! I am disappointed, too, knowing that CL is doing that kind of thing.

Oh, allow me to say hello and that I've been enjoying your blog. :)

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Thanks, Vee for dropping by.

BTW, your favourites for movies and books? Excellent choices!

Lisa xo

persephonesawakening said...

i LOVE white, light-filled rooms. I used to be obsessed with colour, but now that my livingroom is cranberry and I can't change it, i'm dying to get a white room!