Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More Sad and Shabby News

Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame has filed for Bankruptcy Protection categorised as Chapter 11 in the United States. How sad. You can read her blog entry here. I do not know if this is just for her stores or for the merchandise she sells at Target as well.

I know during these tough economic times there really isn't any company that is safe but I thought there was a real resurgence going on with that kind of decorating and style. I wonder though, as her Shabby Home products were terribly expensive. Perhaps that has bearing on it.

We shall see how much her items increase in value on ebay.

PS I am without my desktop for a few days while it is in for repair. Posts may be sporadic. But I am reading all of you on my daughter's laptop.

Lisa xo



MelMel said...

I do love her stuff.....sad times, seems no-one is escaping the credit crunch....I'm sorry for her!xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for posting that Lisa, what sad news. It's amazing how companies that everyone thought were so solid are vulnerable at the moment :(

Mel xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Unbelievable!!!! You wouldn't have seen this happening in your wildest dreams!!
Let's hope they can ride the storm, and return in a different, smaller format. Bless her, she started the whole "Shabby Chic" ethos off.

Sharon xx

Knitting Mania said...

Awww, I didn't know that. I really like her stores. Every day down here in California we are hearing of stores closing or laying off employees.

We are in some hard times and I'm afraid it's not going to be over very soon.

MrsL said...

Sad news; maybe she can pull something out of it, though, in some way. It's happening ehre too, in all areas of business. Must be so hard.

Flossie and Tom said...

Thats terrible - Can't believe how many places and people are struggling.

Attic 24 has posted pictures from new Homes and Antiques on her blog - might get it later - will post on if I do


kelly said...

Its a bit of a surprise isn't it? She seems to say on her blog that she has orders but can not fulfill them? Im sure she will pull it all together with her team of helpers. So sorry to hear about your desktop. Hope it is well again soon!

thriftymrs said...

It's very sad.
So many companies are in such trouble at the moment.

Raspberry Grace said...

Poor thing, I would not wish that to happen to anyone.

To agree with you though, her things were very expensive, in fact for me exorbitantly so.. and surely therein lies the irony? the point of shabby chic being that it's not expensive because you use (in the main) well worn preloved amd handmade items? (at least thats how it seems to me).

It makes me wonder how CK will do, as she is similarly priced with a niche market also..I can't see how she will survive unscathed.

God bless, Rasp x

faith said...

Hi, love this blog....I just found it last is my style..I
have added you to my blog list...and there is an award there for you....

Thank you for your blog!

MaryPoppins said...

Do you think her Keep Calm And Carry On Posters shall reduce in price :)

Thank you so much for your very kind comments


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Mary Poppins, you make me laugh. At 295.00 US dollars I'm thinking, ya!

I think this may be the root of the problem. Raspberry Grace has brought up an excellent point as well, the basis of Shabby Chic style is to bring thrifted/shabby items together to create a cosy, homey look at a reasonable and thrifted price.

Have you seen some of her prices?


LittleGem said...

Although it is sad news, I think her stuff is ridiculously overpriced for what it is. I'm not sure I can feel particularly sorry for a company that charges what it does for items like the Keep Calm poster.
I think CK will be fine as her prices are nowhere near as OTT, and I'm sure all us blogging ladies will keep her in business!! XX

Samantha said...

You are right - it is a surprise. And beautiful though her products are, they are SO expensive. Way more than CK (not that I am a big fan of hers. I think she has gone too mass market - maybe that's the secret to her success)