Thursday, February 05, 2009

Was Price the Problem?

Just an update, ladies. I am not sure if some of you are aware of the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic website that carries her products. The items are/were very expensive (although there is no denying her items are gorgeous) and have led to a discussion type forum on the previous post. Check it out for yourself, I am interested in knowing what you think?


Jenn said...

Wow, I'm the first to comment...not normal :)
I do think they are/were a bit overpriced. We sell her products at the retail store I work for (major US chain) and the only way I have ever been able to afford anything we carry (bedding & some cabinetry mostly) is if it goes on serious clearance. I love her prints, but affording them is another thing all together.

Raspberry Grace said...

I do think this is it knitty, what else can it be? as you say her items ARE undeniably gorgeous, who wouldn't buy them if they could afford it?

Take the lovely keep calm posters she had in pink and blue, they were a good $200 iirc, but we could go to Etsy and buy a similar one and frame it ourselves for a lot LOT less.. and the shabby chic wall flag she had (I forget how much it cost), but we could knock one up for just a few £'s I think.

Anyway, sorry for intruding again!

God bless, Rasp xx

MrsL said...

I agree that her items are expensive; even if I had the spare cash, I would find it hard to spend so much on some of the things. It seems very pricy for something shabby. Someone mentioned Cath Kidston too I think; her stuff is expensive too, and from her website I see she has expanded greatly over the recent year or os - you can now even buy CK washing up liquid! Not for me, though, at 5 pounds per bottle, though.(I make my own here)
Food for thought.

LittleGem said...

Hello! I have posted my thoughts on your previous post :) X

thriftymrs said...

Her items as other have said certainly are gorgeous. But they are also certainly very overpriced. The shabby chic ethos - before she even coined the term is taking something (usually unwanted and donated to a charity shop etc) and makeing it into something worth loving. I have found chairs for max £10 GBP and sanded and painted them - spending max 2 hours in labour and £3-4 in paint and materials.
Now I know that no business is going to sell at cost, it's just make no sense and after all we live in a capitalist society. And I don't expect them to.

But her prices seriously were sky high when they are achievable at home with a bit of elbow grease. I think that may be the company's downfall.

thriftymrs said...

And I can't type/spell!

Pixiedust said...

Lovely stuff but WAY too expensive, especially when armed with a idea and a but of elbow grease and knowhow, we can knock something up ourselves. I mean $125 for a cushion is madness. xxxx

Sal said...

I occasionally stocked some of her fabric if I could get it at a good price,which was not often.
Yes, it was gorgeous fabric but I could never understand why it was so very expensive. And that being so,she was only ever going to appeal to a small portion of the market.
Cath K is quite expensive but someone is doing a damn good job in marketing as far as that company is concerned...and blogging is surely helping her as well..many of us go nuts when we read a CK post. ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

Well I just had a look at four of her categories and yes, I'd say something things are overpriced. Maybe things like curtains are more reasonable but $27 for handcream and $135 for a bath mat are crazy!

I would definitely hesitate to buy from there. It's a bit like CK, I have a few bits that I really love but couldn't buy *everything* from there.


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Her prices at the Target stores were always much more reasonable. I have heard though, the quality was not as good once she began selling the higher end items online and in her boutiques.

gingerwine said...

That is really sad news, but I do worry about expensive shabby chic inspired stores. I'm worried about one called Laura Ashley, here in the UK, very expensive and I don't know how many people can afford to buy £40 cushions (I make mine!)
Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm currently making a granny blanket and I'm enjoying it very much!

Love Sam xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

I think that if something is really expensive, all you can do is take inspiration from it, and see if you can create it yourself. Which is what most of us do anyway.
Maybe the company can move forward, and cater for more people by pricing more competitively.

Sharon x