Wednesday, October 07, 2009

So Much Prettiness

I would truly like to say I have been a busy bee. That has not been the case. I mean I have been busy doing the usual, but nothing crafty or really fun. I have such a chaotic schedule over the next little while I just feel a bit overwhelmed. But nice things are happening as well. For example, do you remember this charming fabric I found last fall and have been meaning to make into curtains for the kitchen? (We will not discuss exactly how long it has taken me to actually take the fabric to my lovely seamstress that does extraordinary things with the wee bits of fabric I give her). Well as I was perusing Nostalgia at the Stonehouse, don't I come across just the most gorgeous fabric on this little chair she re-covered?

I thought "What beautiful fabric!". Then thought, my gosh, is that the same fabric that I have? Niki seems to be pretty sure it is. And if a professional like Niki thinks it is well than so do I.

Well, what do you think? I am sure you have all visited her before but if you haven't why don't you drop by? She has lots of handmade goodies as well.

And another little surprise that warmed my heart. Jane (sadly blogless) emailed me to tell me she has been using my hexagon knitting pattern to make this stunning blanket for her son that is going away to University. She got the idea from this magazine page and had googled "knitted hexagon pattern" and found mine. It is so terribly nice to hear from people that have used the pattern. Brilliant job, Jane!

I am working on one or two things as well but the camera is missing (again) and I will not torture you all with the other sad excuse of a camera that is our backup.
Stay tuned, I will have pictures eventually.


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

It is a beautiful piece of fabric. How funny to see it again on Niki's blog. It does look identical! I love her blog and website. She is a lovely person, very talented! Funnily enough I have just done a post of some of the things that I recently purchased from her.
I like Autumn but not when it's drizzly fog!Let'shope we get a nice ray of sunshine soon.
Isabelle x

Vee said...

When the time is right, those curtains will be whipped up and hung for us all to see. It certainly is a lovely piece of fabric and so much more charming than any other kitchen curtain I've seen. Hope that you enjoy a wonderful autumn even if it is crazy busy. Is it sports again? I wonder if your daughter has made a decision about school and wish that I had time to go snooping to find out.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

The fabric is lovely and yes, Niki has wonderful taste and a great eye and it looks as if you do too! xx

re said...

That fabris is truly lovely.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Thanks so much for this sweet post! As you know, I love this vintage floral fabric and think that you are very lucky to have enough of it to make curtains for your kitchen, which you will be able to gaze at every day...!

Red Riding said...

oh my that is some gorgeous fabric


Anonymous said...

Hi, I do know what you mean about the hand sewn patches being your favourite. If you looked closely at my quilt you would see how crudely some of the patches are sewn on by machine but with the quilt taking all the abuse of kids, dogs and the occasional chicken, I didnt want to make it too much work for myself! HAHAH! By the way, that fabric is SO lovely!

prettyshabby said...

hello have there a piece of one of my very favourite vintage fabrics.I made and sold some cushions before from that fabric that once was a loose chair cover,(how lovely must that chair have once looked!) the lady sold me it in stages and I received armcaps and valances and funny shaped pieces to do as I wished with!
Then I was lucky enough to find a pair of perfectly preserved long and wide curtains on ebay in that Sanderson fabric too (supposedly to cut up but I just couldn't do it!) It really is divine and the colours are so beautiful.
Cant wait to see your kitchen curtains up and hanging, they will be gorgeous! x

white o'morn cottage said...

That fabric is divine...and yes, it is the very same (I studied it closely)Beautiful.

koralee said...

Everything is so lovely...I adore that fabric!

Sharon said...

Beautiful fabric.