Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What I Am Doing

I was trying to figure out which gingham I wanted for the cushions I wish to sew. The phone rang. DN1's professor lost her assignment. Can you please email it to me mum? Now, I need to hand it in. Stop.

Thought about adding another row to my ripple blanket (yes, I am still crocheting this, unbelievable, I know). And thank you so much
Fiona, for the lovely cushion! Phone rang. DN3 has forgotten gym clothes. Stop.

In between sad and pathetic distractions, I gaze at my new (to me) enamelware teapot. It matches the
coffeepot I got earlier this year, do you remember?

Arrange potted geraniums in window in slight haphazard manner. Phone rang. DN2 and billeted hockey friend are sick at school, need picking up. Stop.

Come home and make cup of tea. Decide to pack it in for the day.

While lying on sofa reading Caroline Graham (good one) and drinking tea, I look out window and think I should have just done this all day...
PS Thank you all so much for the fabric love. Now who will be the next one to snag a bit of this loveliness I wonder?


Celia said...

Lovely!!!! I love all your photos. You make them with a soft color halo that's so pretty!
Lovely and thanks for sharing your beauty in your blog!

Hen said...

What a day, you definitely deserved a rest on the sofa after that! Lovely pictures. Don't worry about the ripple, I've been on my granny squares for a year!
Hen x

Pomona said...

It's lovely seeing all those things - and lovely to hear that I am not the only one picking things up and putting them down again. A mother's lot, I suppose! But as I have also found, you miss the interruptions when they disappear!

Pomona x

VintageVicki said...

Hi - just found your blog - what gorgeous pictures and what a hectic day!

Look forward to seeing and reading more.

Vicki xx

Some Like it Vintage said...

Such pretty fabrics and photos! I think I'll go make a cup of tea.

elsy said...

thats just the day i should have had....lovely pics

Elyse said...

i know those days!

of course i am seriously swooning over your pretty fabrics and CK items.

keep us posted!


Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Wow...that's a lot of things to happen in one day. Lovely pictures!

Frances said...

Lovely pictures ... I would so wish that I could have had a cup of tea this afternoon in such a setting.

Thank you for your comment. (It was The Metropolitan Museum of Art in which I toiled all those years ago. Place is very changed now, as is all our world. All the same, the Met is a fabulous place and a real NYC treasure.)

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