Friday, October 22, 2004

Now If I Could Just Figure Out...

Story of my life. Constantly trying to figure out how to do stuff. I am the "tekkie" of the family. You don't know how funny that statement is considering I am useless when it comes to this computer crap. My husband is even worse (kid's grew up thinking it was always 12:00). I am the one that has to decipher all the manuals, toy assembling, etc. Life is a learning process, which brings me to my pictures. Gotta find out how to post them ALL together. Hope you like them. Have other FOs but wasn't sure if anyone wanted to see them. The FOs on the other blogs just seem so much more professional than mine.
On another note, am kinda depressed today. My mother called yesterday to tell me my uncle out west is really ill and my mom wants to go see him, but my father can't go as he has shows and an open house coming up (he owns a toy store), so I said I would go with her. I really don't want her to go alone, especially if my uncle is as bad as she thinks he is (my uncle's wife is kinda in denial as to his condition). I don't want my mother facing this alone.

That's about it for today, I have to go decorate outside, but have been waiting for the sun to come out but I don't see it happening.

PS Haven't forgotten you, Jane!


Maggie said...

I managed to produce a kid who enjoys reading manuals and has excellent reading comprehension. Do you know what this means? It means that the kid sets all the alarms and vcrs and stuff like that. So handy. I recommend it.

Of course we want to see your FOs. If you need some help figuring out how to post photos and stuff, email me. m-wo at rogers dot com.

I'm sorry about your uncle. Dealing with that stuff is as tough as it gets.

Lisa said...

I thumbed through both books pretty quickly, so nothing comes to mind, but I'm sure you will find something in the gift one for xmas gifts.

let me know what you think when you get yours.